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Desertification is a common challenge facing all mankind,Desertification control is human merit in contemporary,The great cause of Li in Qianqiu,Strengthen desertification prevention and control,Building a green home is a common dream of human beings,It is an inevitable choice to achieve global sustainable development。Protect the ecological environment、Prevention and treatment of desertification and land degradation are the righteousness of every citizen to us now and the future ...
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Spring Breeze Sending warm spring grass green,It's the Qingming again a year。Qingming Festival is a memorial of our country、Burmese the traditional festival of the martyrs,It is also a high incidence of fire in the forest grassland。To effectively prevent the Qingming Festival, burn incense due to the grave、Burning paper sacrifice and other field fire caused by fire caused by forest grassland fire,At the time of the Qingming Festival,We issued the following initiative to the general public: ...
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Source: Gansu.com, China
Let's make a bold assumption: if there is no Qilian Mountain,What will it look like? The vast arid area west of the Yellow River,Yellow Sand Man -Man,Labest of oasis; the prosperity of the ancient silk road may be just a mirage,The development pattern of the East and m88 live casino gamesWest civilization may not be today。Qilian Mountain,Guarded Hexi Corridor、"Heroes behind the scenes" for promoting civilized exchanges。...
Guarding Green Water Qingshan,Fighting crime,It is the important responsibility of the forest public security。National Nature Reserve in the Ancient City Nature Reserve in the ancient city of Gansu,There is a forest public security team with Qingshan,dependence with ecology,Carefully care about the grass and wood here。Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve is located in the desert area peripherals of Minqin Oasis,is to block Tenge ...
In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education、Promoting the "three grasping and three promotion" actions to go deeply,Effectively improve the emergency rescue linkage capacity of various joint defense units and the actual combat capability of the forest grassland fire and fire fighting team。October 13,M88 LIVE CASINO Games Hongya Mountain Protection Station United Men ...
In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's thinking、Ecological civilization thought,Practice General Secretary Jinping's "Grab the Law Education from the Doll"、"The construction of ecological civilization in the new era must start with a doll" instruction spirit,Further enhance students' legal consciousness and ecological protection awareness,Promote the healthy growth of youth、Comprehensive development,In the afternoon of September 21,...
September 17th to 23rd, 2023 is the 20th National Science Popularization Day,For the tree, ecological civilization、Green Low -Carbon Development Concept,Popularized environmental protection knowledge,Create advocating saving、Social fashion of reasonable consumption and low -carbon environmental protection,In the afternoon of September 18,The Party Branch of the Protection and Monitoring Section organizes the "popularization of ecological civilization knowledge · co -construction of green low carbon life" ...
June 5,On the day of the 52nd World Environment Day,Minqinlian Ancient Urban Management and Protection Center will be with Wuwei Ecological and Environment Bureau Minqin Branch、Minqin County Natural Resources Bureau、Forest and Cao Bureau、Science and Technology Bureau、Water Affairs Bureau and other 23 units jointly carried out the "Sixth Five" ring with the theme of "modernization of builders and nature" in Cultural Plaza, Minqin County ...
In order to further publicize the knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation,Scientific information of disaster prevention and disaster prevention and mitigation,Enhance the awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation of party members of the branch,Improve the ability to deal with natural disasters,On the occasion of the 15th national disaster prevention and mitigation day,The Party Branch of the Protection and Monitoring Section combines the development of the "Forest Grass Biological Disaster Prevention and Control Publicity Week" activity,The "Tree Juxing ... in Cultural Plaza, Minqin County
—— Minqinlian Ancient City Management Bureau to carry out in -depth publicity and fire prevention publicity activities, Qingming Festival is coming,To do a good job of fire prevention and control during the Qingming Festival,March 30,The Communist Party of China Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve Management Committee organizes the party branch and
Proposal Book2020-06-17
Dear leaders,colleagues,Friends: Hello everyone! I am a forest guard at the National Nature Reserve of the Ancient City of Gansu,Entering forest resource management and protection work。Our place of residence -Minqin,East -west north by Batan Jilin and Tengger Desert Bags
March 12 is the 42nd tree planting festival in my country,In order to further improve the awareness of ecological protection of the masses and the consciousness of planting the obligations of the people,Liangu City Administration organized the "performance of tree planting obligations、Building Beautiful Gansu "is the theme of volunteers.。This?
Dear friends from all walks of life: Planting tree afforestation,Greening Home,It is a major event that benefits the thousands of generations,It is the common responsibility and obligation of each citizen,is to accelerate the large -scale land greening,Create a forest city、Forest Town、Mori ??
On the occasion of the 7th "World Wild and Plants Day" on March 3,In order to better popularize the laws and regulations of wild animals and plants、Wild animals and plant science knowledge,Enhance the construction of the m88 online bettingwhole society's concern and participation in the construction of the protected area、Promote the ecological culture of the protected area,Create a harmonious society,Lian?
To effectively strengthen the fire prevention work of forest grassland,Resolutely curb the occurrence of a large fire accident in the forest grassland。September 20, 2019,Qinfeng Protection Station organizes all employees and forest guards to learn to convey the province's forest and grassland fire prevention work TV phone?
Spring back to the earth,Everything recovers,To improve the protection of the community's mass protection ecology、Greening Home、Consciousness to improve the ecological environment, March 11-12,Liangu City Management Bureau organized 41 tree planting festival publicity activities。Publicity activities adopt traditional propaganda methods,Is it management?
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