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Allagshan in the early autumn,Lazy lying under the fresh sun,Baiyun slowly rolled,Changing a variety of pleasant emoji packs,It seems to be teasing the tourists who want to appreciate her。The sun is warm and baked,Wind blew on the top of the mountain,The light blue sky screen is bright and fresh,The fields are far away and kind。Mountain is not tall and tall,So it looks very good,Makes people feel unusually clean and comfortable。

We are the same as usual,Back kettle and dry food M88 Online Live Casinoto open a day of patrol,On both sides of Shizi Road, not far from the highway,The vulture that occasionally stands on the eagle frame,Looking at the "territory" at its feet,Find the next prey; see the car that is getting closer,Huo Ran got up,Flying to the top of the mountain。On the hillside not far away,Several desert elves -goose throat antelopes,Leave the small tail in leisurely,Eat the little grass that is not lush。Several harem hidden behind the cranlays of Artemisia Artemisiah,Police police observe the crisis that may appear around。Lizard on the soft m88 live casino gamesbeach,light and fast,Rolling a playful tail shuttles in the shuttle bush。

There is a cluster of desert needles on the beach.,There are also sand turning jujube、Red sand、horse,I dare not show weakly in the place where the mountains and rivers are long,Show your self -confidence and brave temperament。

Artificial hair strips are dense and lush,There are a few birds flying between the bushes,Add the vitality and vitality to the quiet desert。

Aragoshan in the morning light,No "Desert Lone Smoke Straight,The magnificent vastness of the long river and the sun is full,It is m88 live casino gamesalso different from Jiangnan "Sanqiu Guizi、Shili Lotus "of the richness and Mingyan,But her cool and bright style,Let people wash the long -term depression,Give people reverie and hope,Make people calm and peace of mind。

Ordinary Allagshan,Many creatures with this creature,You should not be lonely in your mood。

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