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Department responsibilities


M88 Online Live CasinoResponsible for the construction and spiritual civilization construction of the party's party。Responsible for formulating the global work plan,Organize various working systems。Responsible for the secret、Machine Want、File、Letter and visits、m88 online bettingLegal system、Reception、Logistics support、Basic Construction、Family planning、Vehicle deployment、Secret foreign affairs and other work。

Organization Personnel Section:Implementation of relevant party and state organizations、Personnel、Labor、United Front、Overseas Chinese Affairs、regulations and policies in veteran cadres、Policy。Responsible for the management of cadres and talent teams。Responsible institution、Personnel preparation、Preparation、Title Evaluation、Training and assessment of cadres and technical workers。Responsible for labor salary、Welfare、Allowance、Social overall insurance and other work。Responsible worker、Green、Women's work。

Planning Finance Department:Responsible for global funding pre -pre -(Decision)Count,Fund raising、Use m88 online sports betting appand manage work。Responsible for the formulation of the annual plan,and organize implementation。Responsible for the management of state -owned assets、Statistics、Financial and special control goods purchase declaration and other work。Responsible for the screening of the project、Research,declaration, reserve and other work.

Protection monitoring department:Responsible for the protection and management of forest resources in the protected area、Forest Political Audit and Forest Resources Monitoring。Responsible for various forestry investigation and planning work in the protected area,and organize implementation。Responsible for the forest fire prevention of the protected area、Forestry Harmful Biological Monitoring Investigation and Report and Prevention。Responsible for the survey and design of key forestry projects in the protected area、Implementation and m88 live casino gamesacceptance work。Responsible for the protection and management of wild animals and plants in the protected area。Responsible for work safety。

Scientific Research Management Division:Responsible for developing research on scientific research topics、Research、Declaration and new technology promotion。Organize scientific research inspection activities。The science popularization publicity work and science and technology archives management responsible for the protected area。

Information Management Division:Organization coordination responsible for information construction in the protected area,Guidance Implementation、External communication and technical training。Responsible for the propaganda work of the protected area,Holding various publicity activities,Do a good job of publicity reports and information of the protected m88 live casino gamesarea、Picture、Image data collection work。

Grassroots Protection Station:Set Hongya Mountain、Lian Ancient City、Qinfeng、Huangling、Triangle City、Flower Garden、Nanhu, etc.7Personal protection station。Function is: Responsible、Regulations。Responsible for organizing resource surveys in the jurisdiction、Forest resource patrol and monitoring、Forestry Management、Forestry Inspection and Forest Protection。Responsible for monitoring of harmful creatures in the jurisdiction、Rescue of prevention and endangered wildlife、Protection work。Responsible for promoting forestry law to the masses in the area、Regulations。