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Introduction to the protected area



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 Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve is in1982Based on the provincial sandy plant reserves established in the year,Approved by the Gansu Provincial Government will expand the area28times, Yu2002year7Menstruation State Council approves to be promoted to the national desert ecosystem type type nature reserve。The protected area is located in Minqin County,downstream of the Shiyang River Basin,North and South Long Appointment90km, about east -west is about6.5~125km389882.5hectare, the actual management icon area396493.29hectare, about the land area of ​​Minqin County1/4, the land area of ​​Wuwei City1/8is named after the Han Dynasty and the ruins of the ancient city in the district.


 The protected area is divided into the core area、buffer、Three functional areas of the experimental area,Among them: the core area area121058.5hectare,Cushion area151664.3hectare,Experimental area area117159.7hectare, which occupies the total area of ​​the protected area31.05%38.9%30.05%. Protection object:Extremely fragile desert ecosystem、Desert natural vegetation community、Rare endangered wild active plants、Ancient human cultural sites。


 2. Ecological location:


 Liangu City Reserve as an important part of the ecological barrier in the north of the Hexi Corridor,From North、West、Southern three -sided barriers guarding the Minqin Oasis,Keep the waist of the Hexi Corridor,It is the most complete of the people's natural vegetation community、The most distributed area。ItsThe importance of ecological location is mainly reflected in four aspects:The first M88 Online Live CasinoM88 Online Live Casinois to block the two major deserts of Batan Jilin and Tengger; the second is to defend the Minqin Oasis; the third is to maintain regional ecological balance; the fourth is to protect the desert ecosystem and its biological diversity and important species gene library。Due to the special geographical environment and location,Decided the protected area to maintain the ecological balance of western Gansu and even the land security in western China,Protection、Save precious desert species genes and biological diversity,Accelerating the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt has an extremely important role。


 3, Resource Status


 1, plant resources


 There are plant species in the protected area64Department227genus474species, included in the "National Key Protection Wild Plants List"13species,Among them: first -level protection planting with nude wood, thorns, and dishes3species,Plants in the secondary protective plant are Mongolian tonsils、Grass Ephedra、Cistanche、Grass Ephedra、Paeizi ephedra、Shaguan Jujube、Chaotian Committee's Tomb Cai、Licorice、Sha Lucao、Short Mangzan Plore grass, etc.10species.There is also a well -preserved thorns in the protected area、Lemon strip、柽、White thorns、Overlord、Cat head thorns、Shaguan Jujube、Ephedra and other natural shrubs184832.4hectare.


 2, animal resources


 There are wild animals in the protected area24Item43Department89species,It is a national key protection of wild animals12species,Among them: first -level protection animals have gold sculptures1species,Two -level protection animals have kite、Goshawk、Spirit Eagle、White head、gray back、Pengya、Tarralette abdomen、Long ear 鸮、Short ear 鸮、Desert Cat、goose throat antelope11species.


 4. Institutional settings and evolution


 2002year2month2Day,The State Council approves the establishment of the Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve。


 2005year3month4Day,Approved by the Office of the Gansu Provincial Institutional Institutions (Ganji Compilation of the Word[2005] 8number),Establishing Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve Administration,m88 online bettingm88 live casino gamesIt is affiliated to the management of the former Provincial Department of Forestry,Land -level career system,Approval of business preparation35Name.


 2005year8month3Day,According to the "Notice on the Establishment of the Establishment of the Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve Management Bureau" (Ganlin people[2005] 179No.) and "Approval of the Internal Set Institutions of the National Nature Reserve Management Bureau of Gansu Minqin Lianlian" (Ganlin people[2007] 192No.) Spirit,There are offices in the Administration、Organization Personnel Department、Planning Finance Department、Protection Monitoring Department、Scientific Research Management Section、Industrial Development Management Office, etc.6A functional section, compile35People,Provincial financial supply。Huangling、Triangle City、Lian Ancient City、Qin Feng、Flower Garden、Hongya Mountain、Nanhu, etc.7Personal protection station,All are the main level of the department,Double management of the Administration and Minqin County Government,Its funds are supplied by local finance,Personnel is deployed and managed by local governments。


 2018year1month6Day,According to the Gansu Provincial People's Government No. 1176Executive Meeting,"Agree to adjust the management system of the National Nature Reserve of the Ancient City of Minqin,Set up the protection station of the Reserve Management Bureau and the Forestry Workstation of the District and Township,Minqin County Reserved District Township Forestry Work Station,Preparation of protecting stations in the Provincial Forestry Department "。


 2018year8month21Day,According to the "Approval of the Office of the Gansu Provincial Institutional Compilation Committee on adjusting the establishment of the Organization of the Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve Authority" (Ganji Compilation of the Compilation,201857No.) Spirit,"Agree with the triangle city of Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve Management Bureau7Personal protection stations are divided into the forestry units of Minqin County and County,The Forestry Unit of Minqin County and the Forestry Unit is transferred to the Lianhu City Administration for full career preparation35Name. "


 2019year5month23Day,According to the Party Group of the Gansu Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau of the Gansu Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau, "Approval in the Adjustment of the Internal Society and Science and Technology Leadership of the Ancient City Nature Reserve of Gansu"201969No.) Spirit,Approval of Agreement and Agreement of the Reserve's Office of the Management Bureau、Organization Personnel Department、Planning Finance Department、Protection Monitoring Department、Scientific Research Management Section、Information Management Section, etc.6A functional section,Under Huangling、Triangle City、Lian Ancient City、Qin Feng、Flower Garden、Hongya Mountain、Nanhu, etc.7Personal protection station,Protection Station is directly managed by the Administration Bureau,All are the main level of the department,Funds from provincial fiscal supply,The personnel are all deployed and managed by the Reserve Management Bureau。

2021May of the Year,Approval of the Office of the Gansu Provincial Institutional Compilation Committee and the Party Group of the Provincial Forest Cao Bureau,Refers to the management agency to "M88 Live Casino Games"。


 5. Infrastructure construction


 Actively strive for project,Accelerate the construction of infrastructure,Strive and implement a protected area、Phase II project、Ecological Public Welfare Forest Construction、Reserve capacity building、Shiyang River Basin anti -sand protection and ecological recovery projects and other projects; completed the office building of the bureau organs、Construction of single workers' accommodation buildings,Employee Security House of Construction Bureau Station72set。Establishment of the bureau's reading room、Fitness Activity Room, etc.。Build a protected area video conference system and bureau's security video monitoring system。Newly built for the grassroots protection station、Repair office house5400㎡, new construction protection point12individual,900multi -㎡; purchase forest fire prevention command vehicle5vehicle, transport car1Vehicle,greatly improved the work and living conditions of the grassroots,strongly promoted the standardized management and rapid development of the protected area。


 6. Commendation reward


 2011year, m88 live casino gamesM88 Online Live Casinothe province organized by the Provincial Environmental Protection Department15The National Bureau of the National Nature Reserve Management Evaluation No. 1,Comprehensive assessment as excellent。2012year,The management evaluation of the seven ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Environmental Protection is ranked in Gansu16The forefront of national protected areas。Zhang Xiwu, Director of the Protection Department of the National Forestry Administration2012year9Monthly investigating the protection area when working when workingGood, good construction, good tubeto evaluate the construction achievement of the protected area. The Party Committee of the Bureau3Times was awarded by the Provincial Party GroupAdvanced Party OrganizationHonor Title,The Party Branch of the three authorities of the Authority has been awarded by the Provincial Bureau's Party GroupAdvanced Party OrganizationHonor Title,1The party branch is named after the party group of the provincial bureau asLearning modelParty branch, the bureau union has been awarded the province's forestry systemModel Workers' HomeTitle; the Administration of Administration was selected by the Minqin County Party Committee asCivilized UnitandCivilized Unit Model2010year,The Administration of the Administration is by Wuwei Municipal Party Committee、Municipal Government awarded the title of municipal civilized unit;2015year,The Administration of the Administration is by the Provincial Party Committee、The provincial government evaluation is the title of the twelfth batch of provincial civilized units;2022August of the Year,The Management and Protection Center was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Collective of National Greening" by the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau of the Ministry of Greening and Social Security。