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Nature Protection

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March 29,The Provincial Forest Grass Bureau organizes the holding of the bureau system forest area forbidden poisoning work meeting,Drives the spirit of the province's anti -drug work conference。Minqinlian Ancient Urban Management and Protection Center has a branch venue,The main leader of the center、Webmasters and business departments of each protection station attended the meeting。After the meeting,Management and protection Center held a special meeting,Analysis and judging the protected area ...
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March 3, 2024,Is the 11th "World Wild Animal Plants and Plants Day",The theme of the global event is "Connecting Humans and Earth: Digital Digital Innovation in Wild Animal Plants and Plants"。The theme of our country's event is "Building Wild Animal and Plants Smart Protection System"。morning March 3,Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve Management ...
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December 17-18,The National Nature Reserve Ecological Environmental Protection Evaluation Expert Group composed of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment,In -depth Evaluation of Ecological Environmental Protection of the Reserve in the National Nature Reserve of the ancient city of Gansu Minqin Lianlian。Gansu Forestry and Grassland Bureau、City and County Ecological Environment Bureau、City and County Forestry and Grassland Bureau、People from Minqin County ...
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October 31,Gansu Province Fire Early Warning Center Yin Dehuai and his party went to Lianhu City Reserve to investigate and guide the fire prevention and production safety of forest and grassland in autumn and winter。The research team conducted discussions and exchanges,In -depth understanding of the Liangu City Management and Protection Center for the country、Arrangement and deployment of the province's forest grassland fire -extinguishing work TV conference call and supervision inspection、Material storage ...
In order to strengthen the protection management of wild and plants and their habitats,Strict cracking down on damage to wild animals and plant resource crimes,Forbidden illegal wildlife transactions、Demovaling the bad habits of wild animal animals。Recent,Liangu City Protection Stand in the area under its jurisdiction to carry out the "2023 Breeze Action"。In the event,Staff to the area and the local merchants、Restaurant and other places have popularized wild movements ...
   August 15,The first "National Ecological Day" propaganda activity of the National Nature Reserve M88 Online Live Casinoof the Ancient City National Nature Reserve was held at the entrance of the management and protection center。The theme promoted this year is "Green Water and Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan"。   At the event site, Minqin Lian Ancient City National Level ...
 —— Minqinlian Ancient City Reserve 2021 Forestry Classics and Feelings March of the early spring of 2021,Spring Breeze gradually warmer,All things Su Meng,The chills in the desert have not yet retreated,Forestry in the Nature Reserve of the Ancient City of Minqin is already a voice boiling,Roar of the car -one year
—The Hongya Mountain Protection Station to carry out forest fire prevention promotion activities Qingming Festival is coming,The masses enter the mountain grave sweeping sacrifice、Tourism such as tourism and other activities has increased significantly,Forest fire prevention will usher in the first critical period。To effectively prevent the forest fire caused by sacrifice during the Qingming Festival,Protecting forest capital
"The cold winter grass and trees,Forest protection fire prevention should be taken first,This is not only the slogan of the horn,It is the assembly number of each of our protection stations! "On the morning of November m88 live casino games21,A unique forest fire prevention drill in the National Nature Reserve Management Bureau of the Ancient City Nature Reserve in the ancient city of Gansu ??
October 31,Minshenglian Ancient City Management Bureau held 2019-2020 Forest Pradeshistan Fire Fireproof Working Conference,The meeting summarized the fire prevention work of the forest and grassland of the protected area since the winter,Scientific research and judging the outstanding problems in the current fire prevention work,Comprehensive arrangement department
Carry out forestry carbon exchange measures,It is the requirements for implementing the reform of the national ecological civilization system and the requirements of forestry response to climate change,It will provide strong technical support for the preparation of greenhouse gas lists and carbon emissions transactions。In order to implement the forestry response of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau in 2018 ??
In recent years,As the Minqinlian Ancient City Reserve is actively carried out in an orderly manner for the prevention and control of forestry harmful biological prevention and treatment,Prevention and control work has begun to achieve results,Rat harm has been significantly reduced compared with previous years,The density of the hazard decreases、A decrease in range。But the harm of pests in this year is still serious,Yes
To further improve the awareness of forest fire prevention and legal concepts of all sectors of society,Actively guide the public m88 live casino gamesto establish the concept of production safety,Strengthening forest defense、Pu、Extinction、Fire Awareness,Ensure forest resources、Ecological environment and the safety of the lives and property of the people,Since 2018 ??
In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the strategic deployment of ecological civilization construction,Effectively do a good job of forest inspection in the protected area,An important instructions of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau on the launch of 2018 forest inspection,and the Provincial Forestry Department related forest inspections ??
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