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December 17th-18th,A national natural protection area ecological environmental protection effectiveness evaluation expert group composed of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment,In -depth Evaluation of Ecological Environmental Protection of the Reserve in the National Nature Reserve of the Ancient City of Gansu Minqin Lianlian。Gansu Forestry and Grassland Bureau、City and County Ecological Environment Bureau、City and County Forestry and Grassland Bureau、Demin Qin County People's Government and other relevant responsible comrades participated in the evaluation work。

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Evaluation Group has been preserved and increased m88 live casino gamesto m88 live casino gamesthe natural resources of the protected area、Daily patrol supervision、Ecological environment issues rectification recovery、Infrastructure Construction、Informatization construction、Scientific Studies、Natural education and other situations conducted current investigations。View self -assessment report、Listen to work report、Watch the promotional video、Read the information、Inquiry and discussion and other forms,The system understands the effectiveness of the ecological environmental protection of the protected area。

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The leader of the evaluation team Wang Changzuo fully affirmed the effectiveness of the ecological environmental protection of the protected area,The expert group agrees,The effective results of the ecological environment protection of the ancient city reserve in Minqinlian,First, the number of animal and plant species is significantly increased。After years of protection management,The number of animal and plant species increases significantly,fully proves the significant results of ecological environmental protection in the protected area; second, all ecological environment issues are sold。94 questions for discovered,The protected area can take effective measures,Rectification,and through long -term m88 online bettingsupervision,m88 live casino gamesOld problems without rebound and signs、New issues of tendencies occur; the third is to innovate the establishment of the "two districts and one network" management and control mechanism。By establishing and improving the "two districts, one network" management and control mechanism,Further clarified the subject、Corrected responsibilities,formed a leading grasp of implementation,A good situation of implementing the implementation layer; fourth, the sandy land is effectively governed。Through the Sanbei Project、Key projects such as comprehensive prevention and control of desertification,The problem of land sandization in the protected area is effectively improved,Further expanded the suitable habitats of animals and plants。Expert group pointed out,The current scientific research monitoring and natural education capabilities in the protected area are still weaker,It needs to be further strengthened,and make four opinions and suggestions,​​First, strengthen the construction of the smart system,Make full use of the existing field video surveillance system,Do a good job of monitoring、Protection work,Fully built "air、Sky、Di "integrated monitoring network,Modernization of the monitoring system m88 online bettingand M88 Online Live Casinomonitoring capabilities of the protected area; the second is to strengthen the construction of natural science popularization infrastructure,Learn the good experience and practices of brother units,Incorporate the construction of natural science popularization infrastructure into the annual key work,Actively strive for special funds,Make up shortcomings as soon as possible; third is to strengthen departmental coordination,Strengthen the forestry and grasslands、Ecological Environment、Cooperation monitoring of agricultural and other departments,Real -time grasp of the rare wild active plants in the reserve、Forest Land、Grassland、Dynamic changes in core ecological factors such as water sources; fourth, modify opinions based on the feedback from the expert group,Continue to improve the self -assessment report,Carefully sort out problems and deficiencies,Determine the next development goals,Continue to promote the high -quality development of ecological environment protection in the protected area。

Evaluation of the effectiveness of ecological environmental protection through the national nature reserve,Make Minqinlian Ancient Urban Management Center fully recognize the ecological environment and shortcomings of the reserve,Further clarified the future work ideas M88 Online Live Casinoand M88 Online Live Casinokey points。Next,Management and protection Center will resolutely carry out the political responsibility of ecological protection,Focus on shortcomings,Precise Power,Resolutely do a good job of the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection,Treatment of the relationship between protection and development,Continue to improve the level of ecological environmental protection in the protected area,Promote the new results of the ecological environmental protection of the protected area。

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