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March 29,The Provincial Forest Cao Bureau organizes the holding of the bureau's system forest area forbidden poisoning work meeting,Drives the spirit of the M88 Online Live Casinoprovince'm88 online sports betting apps anti -drug work conference。Minqinlian Ancient Urban Management and Protection Center has a branch venue,The main leader of the center、Webmasters of each protective station and business departments attended the meeting。

After the meeting,Management and protection center holds a special meeting,Analysis and judging the situation and tasks faced by the current prohibited poisoning work in the protected area,To strengthen responsibility、Pay attention to implementation as the topic,A comprehensive deployment of prohibited poisoning work in 2024。

Meeting requirements,All units should soberly understand the long -term nature of anti -drug work、severe、complexity,Effectively unify the mind and action to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's M88 Online Live Casinoimportant m88 online bettinginstructions and the requirements of superior deployment,Give full play to the advantages of closely linked the masses at the grassroots level and the role of the forest guard,Deepen the prohibited propaganda、Stepping on shovel poison、Strike a series of activities,Putting the ban on the embarrassment of the banned poisoning area with the "1124" work idea of ​​the reserve,Synchronous advance。1 is to strengthen publicity and education,Improve public anti -drug consciousness。Suspension banner、Distribution leaflet、Explanation of anti -drug knowledge and other methods,Take the community to enter school、Deeper into the home of farmers and herdsmen,Widely propagated the harm of planting drugs and how to identify the original plants and related legal M88 Online Live Casinoknowledge of drugs and related legal m88 online sports betting appknowledge,Establish "Poison Violation、Poisoning must shovel、The concept of rule of law must be investigated ",Mobilize the people of Lin Yuan to actively participate in the work of spatula poisoning in the protection area;,Deepen the inspection operation。Combined with forest fire prevention、Daily patrol and other work,For the front house of the farmer's house、Fields、Border areas and other key areas,Famental area、Planet,Develop the pull -up、Carpet -type artificial step check,Make sure "don't miss one place、No plant、No dead corner ",Strictly prevent "toxic venous into the soil"; the third is to adhere to comprehensive management and control,Increase the investigation of the case。Further improve and implement the coordinated M88 Online Live Casinowork mechanism of "Lin Chang+Sheriff"M88 Online Live Casino,Continue to strengthen the detection of illegal drug primary plant planting cases,Promote the case to promote reform,Reached "One Case、Warning a piece、Comprehensive effect of governing a domain ",Efforts to be a higher level of Ping An Reserve、The construction of the rule of law protection zone contributed greater anti -drug forces。

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