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March 3, 2024,is the 11th "World Wild Animal Plants and Plants Day",The theme of the global event is "Connecting Human and Earth: Digital Digital m88 online bettingm88 online bettingCreation of Wild Animal Plants and Plants"。The theme of our country's activity is "Building Wild Animal and Plants Smart Protection System"。morning March 3,M88 Live Casino Games and Minqin County Forestry and Grassland Bureau、Gansu Minqin Shiyanghe National Wetland Park Management Bureau jointly organized centralized publicity activities at the county cultural square。It aims to actively promote digital technology and is widely used in wild animal and plant protection,Advocates through digital technical services,The distance between pulling people and wild animals and plants,Improve the protection consciousness of the masses' wild animals and plants,Maintenance of biological diversity,Promote the harmonious symbiosis of man and nature。

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M88 Online m88 live casino gamesLive CasinoThe activity is expanded by combining online and offline,Activity site,Set the consultation desk、Place the exhibition board、Hanging banner、Set up arch、distributed propaganda materials and other forms,The significance of the protection of knowledge of protecting the knowledge of wild and plants to the masses and the protection of ecological resources and biological diversity,Highlight the "Wildlife Protection Law", "National Key Protection Wildlife List", "National Key Protection Wild Plants List" and the phased results achieved in the protection of wild animals and plants in recent years,Call for the masses to actively act,Do not disturb wildlife habitats、Breeding and normal activities,Not Wild Animals,Not digging、M88 Online Live CasinoDestroy M88 Online Live Casinowild plant resources,Propaganda and practitioners who consciously be the protection of wild plant protection。This activity,Place 4 pieces of graphic exhibition boards、Hanging banner 8、distributed more than 260 copies of publicity materials、Consult the masses over 300 people。At the same time,Postering the theme poster of "World Wild Animal Animal and Plants Day" by scrolling,Making short videos and other vigorous publicity and protection areas national key protection wild active plants。

In recent years,Liangu City Management and Protection Center carefully practiced Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization,Pay attention to the protection and management of wild animals and plants,Extensive investigation and monitoring、Habitat m88 online sports betting m88 live casino gamesappprotection,Establishing 6 places to drink wildlife drinking water、Wildlife Rescue Station 3,Putting 120 recruiting eagle frames,Save Daji、蓑 鹤、Big Swan、Short ear 鸮、Red Hom and other national key protection of more than 10 wild animals,Wildlife groups in the district increased from 89 to 180 species,Vegetarian lid increases by 8 percentage points compared to the construction area。

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