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October 31,Gansu Provincial Fire Early Warning Center m88 live casino gamesYin m88 live casino gamesDehuai and his party went to Lianhu City Reserve to investigate and guide the fire prevention and production safety of forest and grassland in autumn and winter。

The research team conducted discussions and exchanges,In -depth understanding of the Lian Gu City Management Center for the country、The arrangement of the television conference on the television conference of the province's forest grassland fire and fire -extinguishing work television conference、Material Reserve Update、Fire hidden dangers investigation and rectification and fire source control、Holiday duty arrangement and transmission line hidden danger investigation and rectification situation,m88 online bettingView m88 live casino gamesrelated account information,And even the development of forest and grassland fire prevention and production safety in the ancient city reserves。

The research team went to the grassroots protection station to visit the inspection on the spot,Check the file information,Comprehensively understand the implementation of the basic situation of the protection station and the implementation of the responsibility of fire prevention work、Basic Construction、Hidden Danger Inspection、Fire source control、Publicity Education、Emergency duty, etc.。

Revision team requirements,To carefully implement the whole country、The province's forest grassland fire prevention work TV m88 online bettingM88 Online Live Casinophone conference and the province's forest and grass system autumn and winter forest grassland fire prevention, safety production and disaster prevention and mitigation work television conference telephone meeting,Further implementation of Governor Ren Zhenhe、Deputy Governor of Lei Siwei instruction requirements,Corporation Tighten the Responsibility of Forest Prairie Firefire,Strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of forest grassland fire risks,Increase the hidden dangers of the protected area transmission line,Timely updates for aging lines; increase capital investment,Do a good job of monitoring equipment maintenance,m88 online sports betting appm88 live casino gamesTo implement the fire prevention work of autumn and winter forest and grassland,Ensure that the fire prevention work of the forest and grassland achieves results。

(Supply: Protection Monitoring Department    Audit: Information Management Section)

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