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m88 online betting"Spring m88 live casino gamessnow is full of air,Touch like flowers ",A few days ago a spring snow to the county seat,Go to Qingtu Lake,Go to the sand sculpture big scenic spot,Only very unfriendly bypassed the vast red sand post,I haven't touched the long -lost white snow,A little lost in my heart。

Monday morning, the weather is still gray at 8 o'clockMongolianOne piece,Feeling cold,I couldn't help but hit a few times just when I went out,On the way to the unit,As soon as you see the west gate, see the stars on the windshield and the stars are scattered with snowflakes,In a blink of an eye, it will gather into a thin frost,Observe the sight of the movement,I had to open the wiper,m88 live casino gamesThe m88 online sports betting appcar goes slowly on Minxi Road,Snow is booming。At the protection station,On the ground、The glazed tiles on the roof have been covered with white snowflakes,The branches of willow trees and locust trees are covered with snowflakes,Several high -rise buildings in the distance,shrouded in the snowflakes of flying,Unclear is smoke、It's fog、Still cloud,Give people a kind of water and sky.,It is all poetic and elegant in the mood,Makes people happy and comfortable,Forget everythingUncomfortable and worry,The falling is pure,Painted open -minded。

Snowflake Feifei,The next non -stop。After lunch break,The mood of bathing m88 online bettingnaturally m88 online sports betting appand getting close to heavy snow is anxious to get out of the door。Suddenly lit in front of the eyes,A little girl has piled up a small snowman next to the gate,Live a Snow White,A red ribbon is surrounded by the neck,Although there is a bit of immature,But I still show the truth of childhood and childlike fun。The little girl wields my little hand,Still constant makeup Snowman,It seems that there are no longer Cinderella in the world,It's all beautiful Snow White。

Snow stopped,Be careful to walk north with a smooth road,Watching the snow on the ground on the west of the road began to melt,A crystal clear ice stubble formed between and vegetation,M88 Online Live Casinobut m88 live casino gamesred sand、White thorns and other vegetation are still wrapped tightly,The wish of the world wrapped in the world wrapped in the world is long overdue。There is a sudden joy at this moment,All the vegetation in the protected area can get the moisturizing of this spring and snow must be chairman.、Vitality,Isn't this what a forest guard dreams? "Rui Xuezhaofeng",I wish the epidemic in the past 2023 wind and rain、Everything is prosperous、Happiness and health!

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