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Spring and Return to Spring,Flying Snow Yingchun to。Recent,A big snowy snow,Turning the earth into a world of powder makeup and jade,The cultivated land seems to be covered with this soft and warm snow quilt before the plow,Sleep a good sleep; the branches are full of furry snowflakes,It seems to be before glowing with new green,Wash the dust that has accumulated over;。

Enter the protected m88 online sports betting apparea,Silver wrap everywhere。String to the distance,Some like white clouds floating in the air,Some like the rolling sea,Some are like rolling mountains,Some like jade -colored coral trees,Some like the abrupt mountain peak towering,A gorgeous scene!

Because the ground is covered with thick snow,The road to patrol looks particularly difficult。But even so,Everyone still takes a firm step,Squeaks the creak of white snow,Starting daily patrol work。From time to time, m88 live casino gamesthey shake the shuttle gently,M88 Online Live CasinoSeeing sunlight、The snow ended like jade dandruff,Happy smiles on their faces。During the patrol process, those branches that are violated by animals or bended by snow,Discover a "ambulance" and a plant,or set a stand,or fifth buried,or clean up the dead branches ... care for forest trees like your child,Full of patience and love。

As the saying goes,Rui Xuezhaofeng。Timely good snow,Better harvest of the crops in the coming year。This heavy snow,Just like the shuttle m88 online sports betting appfor the protected area、Mao m88 online sports betting appbar、、White thorns and other vegetation cover a thick layer of "quilt",Get germination for them in the coming years、growth and survival accumulate water and nutrients。Through this thick snow,I seem to have seen the green scene of joy in the protected area。

(Supply: Lian Gu City Protection Station    Audit: Information Management Section)


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