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shuttles in the dune desert,

Listening to the wind passing

Heat waves with sweat

Jiaoyang burned back

You use colorful brushes

Painted with green dreams



At dusk  In the morning

in late autumn  In Long winter

Wear the sun, moon and stars

Footsteps hot waves

Wearing rain and snow wind frost


Guarding the green dream



Use a rough hand

caressing every inch of land

Better eyes

Hope and strength

Injecting a strong seedlings

Let the green dream

Bud  Gaising



Not good words

Just watch silently

Purple Red

Growing up with seedlings

In the eyes

But the hot and simple light of the rainbow -like hot and simple light


in Feiyang



Use football

Measted every inch of land


Use youth and sweat

Breeding dreams


You are

Green Guardian

You are

Heroes of the New Era,

You are

The shining rainbow in the desert


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