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I am a forest guard

Although I am just a small forestone

But M88 Online Live Casinom88 online bettingI pick a heavy responsibility for my shoulder

Those who are in the country of mind


I am a forest guard

I use my powerful power

Stretch the Tengger Desert and Badan Jilin Desert for force

Make them from getting close to

Can't connect to it


I am a forest guard

I want to use my hero's physique

Building a western ecological security barrier

Block the wind resistance of the northwest border

Fix the sand in the Tengger Desert


I am a forest guard

I want to measure the forest land with my feet

I want to protect the forest land with my heart

I want to give my father and fellow

Keep green, keep green

Because it is left in the mountains, I'm not afraid to have no firewood

Because the green mountains and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan

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