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I often want to wear my mother -in -hand shirt,

Wandering between soybeans and wheat fields,

lying in Huang Chengcheng's cantaloupe,

shuttles under the grape rack,

Listen to the "唠" by the next door,

Feel the fun of the pastoral garden.

Nostalgia -past!


Pedestrians on the road are gradually scarce;

The car on the road, inexplicably crowded;

The neon lights in the town still flashed.

It's just that jumping shadow,

Jump out of my childhood -hometown!


Caixia in the late return,

On the vast desert,


That is the thinking of "Desert Smoke Straight" with the ancients,

It is a longing for the "Long River and Round" in my hometown.


The breeze gently picks it up and put it down gently,

Blows away from m88 live casino gamesthe M88 Online Live Casinovocal waves of Qingtu Lake.

Not only far away,

Put a dream with each bird,

Enrich your dreams with the wisdom and sweat of the people of the people,

It has become a guideline.

Accept the aura of heaven,

Essence of Tunani,

Achieved the National Nature Reserve of Lian Ancient City

The extraordinary quality of the people of the people.


The poems that have disturbed the familiar poems sound again,

Missing flows quietly in a bland years.

I am willing to turn into a sparkling light,

to reflect the late singing of his hometown ...

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