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Guarding Green Water Qingshan,Fighting crime,It is the important responsibility of the forest public security。National Nature Reserve in the Ancient City Nature Reserve in Gansu, Gansu,There is a forest public security team with Qingshan,dependence with ecology,Careful care of the grass and wood here。

Gansu Minqin Lianlian National Nature Reserve is located in the desert area peripherals of Minqin Oasis,It is a natural barrier that blocks the two major deserts m88 live casino gamesof Tengger and Batan Jilin m88 live casino gamesto attack the Minqin Oasis。Due to the large area of ​​the jurisdiction、Long patrol route、For molding road less,Police cars are often trapped into soft sandy land,Looking for the road、Sand -digging cart becomes the "Family Rice" of the police。


When the construction of a cross -provincial highway,There is a construction unit illegal stone picking in the protected area to save costs,Forest Public Security Police immediately acts to stop。

After many years of crushing sand、Forestry、Breeding and other measures,The ecological m88 live casino gamesstatus of the protected area m88 online bettinggradually improves。a few years ago,Someone to build a farm,Circle occupies a piece of land in the protected area。 

After finding out the situation,The police handle the parties in accordance with the law,and order it to restore the original appearance of the vegetation,Planting and supplementary species。 


Reporter's Notes: Ju Sand Pile、Drip into the sea、Yimu Chenglin,Improve the work of the ecological environment,Protection is particularly important。Guardian is the daily life of the ancient city forest public m88 online sports betting appsecurity,m88 online sports betting appThis guardian is not only a sacred responsibility,It is even more beautiful future。Touring Shahai、Stormy and rainless,Just for the blue water and blue sky、Forest Grass full eyes。

Gansu Taiwan report.  

Gansu Radio and Television General Station All Media Reporter: Chai Zongqiang Zhang Yutai Xie Mingde


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