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 Manuscript Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom Special

Let's make a bold assumption: if there is no Qilian Mountain,What will it look like? The vast arid area west of the Yellow River,Yellow Sand Man -Man,Law of Oasis; the prosperity of the ancient silk road may be just a mirage,The development pattern of the East and West civilization may not be today。

Qilian Mountain,Guarded Hexi Corridor、"Heroes behind the scenes" for promoting civilized exchanges。Her Snow Mountain and Glacier,Town and farmland in the oasis,Nourishing the large grass field,attracted many nations to settle here。From this,The vast desert Gobi and the edge of the unmanned area,There is a stretch of nearly 1,000 kilometers、narrow but reliable channel。accompanied by Jin Ge Iron Horse、Business Travel Camel Bell,Central Plains and Western Regions and even Europe,On the territory of the entire Eurasia,The intersection of different civilizations、Tea Horse Silk Mutual City、Communication of various nations,With a solid bond。

Fortunately,History cannot assume。This is also worthy of vigilance,History is not if。

Once the excessive request made Qilian Mountain a low sorrow。During a period of time,Qilian Mountain,It is both the great Qilian Mountain,Qilian Mountain, which is also weak and crisis。

New Era,pain along the line,Realize the beauty change。Qingshan Evergreen,Careful care。

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Car Laboratory,Pickling on both sides of Artemisia grass,One person is high。Pass through dense grass,Canyon Mountains suddenly open up。Old site of Fluorite Mine,Yang Yuancheng, Director of the Yongchang Branch of the Ecological and Environment Bureau of Jinchang City Expand Map,Try to find out the time of the former mine,I can't help feeling "I can't get out of the way"。

Overlooking through the perspective of drones,The former mottled mountains are green,Mine slope、Deds are covered by grass and wood。Qilian Mountain ecological environment issues rectification and rectification and rectification for six years is more than six years,The restoration area is integrated with the surrounding environment。

Enter the Hexi Corridor West along the Lianhuo Expressway,The stretch of Qilian Mountains accompanied by each other。Far Wang Qilian,Tranquility and Segment。But that's just peripheral。Only walk into the depths of Qilian Mountain,can you see the unparalleled magnificent grassland、Forest、Snow Mountain、Glacier,can also find that the disorderly development left、Little known marks。

Qilian Mountain is the "Mother Mountain" for nurturing life。Shuilin Field Lake Grass Belief in the Hexi Corridor,All are at this mountain。Ice and snow melted from the middle of the Qilian Mountain,m88 online bettingm88 live casino gamesBlack River that has formed Ze's Corridor Oasis、Shule River、Shiyanghe,Point Oasis and Qilian Mountain "join forces",Block Batan Jilin、Two Deserts South Invasion,Mo Mowei has been in the regional ecological security for thousands of years。

Qilian Mountain is also a "Monki Mountain" for resources.。Iron、Copper、manganese、zinc、Gold、tungsten、manganese、asbestos、Gourd ore in coal and other rich ore depths in the mountains,Attracting capital constantly advances into Shenlin。

Establishment of the first large coal mine in half a century ago,Destroy forest、Open、Building small hydropower in intensive construction ... Multiple rounds of development,Cumulative Qilian Mountain with severe damage。2017,China Office、The State Council issued a notification on the ecological environment of the National Nature Reserve in Qilian Mountain, Gansu。Since then,Qilian Mountain has experienced a rectification and rectification of ecological and environmental issues that go through a fierce medicine。

144 category of mining rights category exit、42 -seat hydropower station classification and disposal、25 tourist facilities projects are completed ...,Repair area Yilin Zelin、Yicao is grass,Restore the original face with the power of nature。

Towering native dense forest,Low Yun Shan grows quietly。Several blue horse chickens line through the glasses,Leave a deep and shallow claw print。

"Not rare。"Lan Jianrong is a ecological manager of the Zhangye Branch of the Gansu Provincial Administration of Giant Panda Qilian Mountain National Park。In his eyes,Blue Horse Chicken in recent years、Rock Sheep、Ma Lu belongs to "frequent customers",He also encountered the front with Snow Leopard。

Rectification and rectification of ecological environment of Qilian Mountain,It is a profound adjustment of the relationship between man and nature。

Grand Panda Qilian Mountain National Park Gansu Provincial Administration Zhangye Branch Chief of Wild Animal and Plant Management Section, Ma Danfang, told reporters,With artificial disturbances decrease,Wildlife, including "flagship species" snow leopard, appears frequently。More than 200 large species of white lip deer、About 800 特 特、50 large breeds of blue horse chickens ... The horse musk that was once considered to be almost reappeared in Qilian Mountain。The protected area also found a new piano bee eagle、Redfoot 隼、Tibetan Fox and other national second -level key protection wildlife。Experts think,This reveals the good trend of the ecological environment。

Assessment results of the Ecological Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences show that the proportion of the total area of ​​the country in the national nature reserve of Qilian Mountain in Gansu increased by 37.5%;。


August 2023,Zhangye City Julong Tiehe lying Co., Ltd. invested more than 5,800 million yuan of flue gas residual heat and energy -saving power generation systems for official investment。Chairman Wen Bin said,New equipment uses the waste heat recovery of environmental dust dust flue gas for power generation,As of the end of November 2023,The company has saved about 3559 tons of standard coal,Reduce carbon dioxide emissions about 9800 tons。

This company once "has been under the board" due to environmental protection debt,Removal of environmental M88 Online Live Casinom88 live casino gamesprotection "taste sweetness"。2017,Case of shutdown due to pollution。Since then,The company's chimney removal、Club Supervision、Equipment,Get the tooth Guan Guan has invested nearly 100 million yuan for environmental protection facilities transformation and upgrading。When the renovation is completed,It coincides with similar enterprises to shut down due to environmental protection,The market supply is tight,The company not only recovered environmental protection investment,Also turned losses to profit。2022,Dragon Iron Alloy Company's total industrial output value exceeded 1 billion yuan for the first time,Turn over before the transformation。

Enterprise Rebirth,Wen Bin feels deeply: "Ecological safety is the same as production safety,Must be highly valued。Never engage in environmental protection investment、Ecological rectification in ecological rectification! "

Ecological environment issues in the final analysis are development methods and lifestyle problems。A group of cadres who have been held accountable sincerely reflected in an interview: the pressure from the improvement of people's livelihood and the impulse to accelerate development in the past,Together constitutes inertia thinking,Forming a fluke mentality,The real transformation of the green development method。Accountability "Heavy Fist" falls,"Remember the pain when the board is remembered": The ecological red line is inseparable!

During the visit,The cadres and the masses along the line said,​​To truly keep Qilian Mountain, the western ecological security barrier of Qilian Mountain,You must endure "pain",Timely rectify "healing wounds",You must have a thick green concept,The fundamental change of the development model in action。

Walking on the wooden boardwalk under the Qilian Mountain,Snow Mountain Glacier under the sea of ​​clouds is faintly visible。Occasionally stop on the way,Yak waiting for the road。

Spring Reward Baihua Autumn View Leaf,Xia Na Liangfeng Winter Listen to Snow。Bingou River Scenic Area, Tibetan Autonomous County, Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Wuwei City,Tourists can be close to vast nature,Again Qilian Gorgeous。Nie Fuzhao, general manager of the scenic spot, said,The scenic area will be rectified in accordance with environmental protection requirements,Maximum maintenance of natural ecology、Integration,The number of tourists in 2023 hit a new high。"More than 20 ecological research projects have been settled one after another,Here will also be Qilian Mountain Natural Science Popularization Education Base in the future。"He said。

Not only rectification,Now the development plan of the entire area is ecological civilization、Green Development is important。Deliven to build an ecological industry system、Promote the rise of green development,It has become an important goal of cities and counties along the Qilian Mountains。

Zhangye City is committed to exploring the value of the value of ecological product,Establishing a carbon exchange trading platform for western parts,In the province, take the lead in completing 351,000 acres of forestry carbon exchange and 4 million acres of grassland carbon exchange transactions,net income 74.5 million yuan。

Wuwei City Focus on milk industry、Specialty Agricultural Products、New energy and other characteristic advantages to cultivate m88 online bettingm88 live casino gamesthe green ecological industry,In 2022, the added value of the city's ecological industry accounted for 38.8%of GDP。

Jinchang City to speed up the construction of new energy tens of millions of kilowatt bases、Demonstration Zone of the Integration Development Development Development of New Energy Industry、New snergy on the spot demonstration area and the Hexi Corridor New Energy Power Summit Center,As of the end of November 2023,The total installed capacity of new energy power generation in the city reaches 47.447 million kilowatts。

Adhering to green development is a profound revolution in development。The people along the line are also following the way of green development,Form new production、Lifetime。

At the end of 2023,Sheep with more than 300 sheep carrying "health certificates",Gu Weidong, a herdsman Gu Weidong, Xiling Village, Dahe Township, Dahe Township, Sinan, Zhangye City again.。Different from the traditional transition,His destination is farmland in Sandun Town, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City。until March of this year,He will be grazing in a warmer agricultural area、Ladder。

This new production method,It has risen in Qilian Shanmu District in recent years,Herders are called "borrowing herds"。Starting in mid -October 2023,A large number of herdsmen rush their cattle and sheep to the corn in the neighboring towns、苜蓿,Relying on straw、苜蓿 Fertilization of fat and winter。Creative from farmers and herdsmen,Not only the pollution of farmland from straw incineration,reduced the pressure of the grassland。2023,A total of 302,000 sheep units in the county of Yunan Yugu Autonomous County went to the agricultural area to "borrow shepherd"。


After the cold dew,The middle section of Qilian Mountain ushered in multiple snowfall。Grand Panda Qilian Mountain National Park Gansu Provincial Administration Zhangye Branch Xishui Protection Station Zhang Yong said that the heart of the hanging heart is temporarily put down。

Turn off exit in recent years、Vegetable recovery,Packing and stacking of pastoral felling objects,Increased flammable loads increase year by year,Fire pressure in the forest area increased significantly。Zhang Yong said,From October from October to May of the following year,I can't sleep a 囫 囵 囵。"Drought in 2023,Fire pressure from summer is larger than before。”

Another "sweet burden" of the guardians is the increasingly wild animal of the "family"。With the recovery of Qilian Mountain wild animal resources,Their distribution scope and activity area,Gradually "bordering" and "re -coincidence" with the production and life of the surrounding farmers and herdsters。There are forest guards who have been siege during the patrol。

According to incomplete statistics,2017 to the present,Only 234 incidents of wildlife damage to the herds' livestock incident only occurred in only Su Nanyi County,A total of 1314 heads of livestock (only)。​​An Yufeng, Director of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Service Center of Sunan County, said,Wildlife often goes to grazing grassland to grab food,Mixing and even mixed with domestic animals for a long time,Easy to bring epidemic threats to each other。

From the perspective of changes in larger scale time and space,Une balanced development along the Qilian Mountains、The ecological environment is fragile,The challenge from "Dazhi" to "Changzhi" still exists。

recorders of "from chaos to governance" m88 online sports betting appM88 Online Live Casinoas Qilian Mountain,Reporters have stepped into Qilian Mountain more than ten times in the past six years,I witnessed the cadres and the masses along the route after the ecological governance pain,Improve the ecology、Great determination of transformation and development。But a kind of concern is also lingering in the mind at the same time: this is still a typical sample with inadequate development and inadequate development,Support local guarantee people's livelihood、The accumulation of the development of ecology and other development has not been completed,Will the damage come back?

The vibration of the inspiration of the accountability of the Qilian Mountain ecological issues brings huge cracks to the inherent development model。New Era,Qilian Mountains stand along the transition mark,Once breakout,Not only the ecological turning is dangerous to be safe,Development concepts along the line、Development order will also achieve change and reconstruction。Expectation of the interviewee,On the one hand,Local exploration should be strengthened in terms of ecological industrialization and industrial ecology,It is green agriculture and animal husbandry、High -end tourism and other new formats inject "Strong Pen",Cultivate a continuous alternative industry with both competitiveness and vitality; on the other hand,,It also needs to speed up the comprehensive marketization of ecological products,Establish and improve the value realization mechanism of ecological product value,Let more green water Qingshan turn into Jinshan Yinshan,Provide more development possibilities for the output area of ​​ecological consumer goods represented by the Qilian Mountain area。

From the perspective of globally,Climate change is leading to the acceleration of glaciers、Sea level rising、Extreme climatic events frequently。In the Hexi Corridor,The huge impact of climate change is manifested as serious drought in the local area last year。

Reporter in August 2023 in Shandan County, Zhangye City、Yongchang County, Jinchang City visits to see multiple reservoirs "bottom",Yongchang County Xida River Reservoir's large reservoir area exceeds three quarters of nakedness。Relevant person in charge said,Compared with the same period of previous years,The amount of water storage is significantly reduced,Live for several months of dead library capacity。On the way, the reporter also encountered a water truck by the local government。Villagers in the water told reporters,This year's livestock drinking water guarantee is difficult,Some villagers' home -to -water supply,"You have to rely on cars to eat water now,Not to mention irrigation。”

Seventy -1 glacier in the hinterland of Qilian Mountain,The reporter has witnessed the obvious changes in the retreat of the icing tongue in three years。Satellite data display on July 30, 2023,Qilian Shandong、Middle、The snow area in the western section decreases compared with the same period of the year,Total area decreased by 26.8%,Among them, the eastern section decreased to 69.1%。

According to the long -term continuous monitoring of the Qilian Mountains and Water Source Forestry Research Institute in Gansu Province,From the 24 years from 1996 to 2020,The temperature of the temperature of the ditch monitoring area in the middle of the northern foot of Qilian Mountain rises by 0.6 degrees Celsius; m88 online bettingM88 Online Live Casinofrom 2002 to 2016,Frozen soil maximum frozen depth shows a downward trend,reduced from 175 cm to 154 cm,Full thawing depth and the maximum depth of frozen soil are reduced.。Expert said,This trend is still continuing。

How about the future,to a large extent depends on today's choice。Qingshan Evergreen,Need to guard together。 (Reporter Ma Weikun Wang Bo Song Jia Zhang Zhimin)


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