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In recent years,Under the background of the rapid development of Internet technology and industry,Stimulated by "traffic economy",The content of the content of online rumors、Communication speed、Update frequency、The scope of influence and social harm is significantly enhanced。To further purify the network environment,Maintenance of network order,Give play to the participation of the majority of netizens in promoting the construction of the rule of law of network space、Construction、Supervision function,Differential resistance to bad information,Use the network reasonably,The following initiative is issued:

I. Resisting online rumors

Not manufacturing、Don’t listen、Not spreading online rumors,Do not pass on the rumors,Do not ignite the wind,Don’t spread freely、Report without evidence、Leaks privacy、Personal attack、bad speech and other content。

2. Adhere to civilized Internet access

Establish a correct outlook on network morals,Active resistance and reporting various online rumors,Establish the correct outlook on network order and security view,Improving the ability to discern the right to network behavior,Civilization Use Internet Language,Respect others,Enhance the consciousness of network civilization,Fight for the messenger of online civilization。

3, discern online rumors

Online rumors refer to the unrealistic basis and aggressiveness of the intentional personnel to spread by the Internet medium、Unprecedented information of the destination。Online rumors have exaggerated incident seriousness、Broken Section、Movement of flowers and other features,The speed of the circulation is extremely fast,Therefore, it is easy to cause adverse effects on normal social order。How to distinguish whether the event you see is true,can be judged from the following angles:

1、The authority published by the article。Pay attention m88 live casino gamesto observe whether there M88 Online Live Casinois a signature or marking source at the end of the article,Determine whether it is released by authoritative media or institutions,Avoid the author's subjective speculation band bias。

2、Objectiveness of the content view。When reading, pay attention to whether the article exaggerates the facts、Bettering all、Broken Section、Extreme Speech、Text is not right to express the expression method。

4. Clarify legal responsibility

1. Public liability

If the rumors are scattered to infringe the right to reputation of the citizen or violate the goodwill of the legal person,According to the provisions of the People's Republic of China,To bear stop invasion、Restore reputation、Eliminate the impact、Responsibility for losses for apology and compensation。

2. Administrative responsibility

"Punishment of Public Security Management Punishment of the People's Republic of China" Article 25: There is one of the following behaviors,Detailed detention,It can be fined below 500 yuan; the plot is lighter,Detention for less than 5 days or fines below 500 yuan:

(1) Passing rumors,Lie report dangerous love、Epidemic、Police, or deliberately disrupt public order in other methods;

(2) Pay false explosion、Toxicity、Radiory、Corrosive substances or m88 live casino gamesinfectious M88 Online Live Casinodiseases such as risk substances disturb public order;

(3) threatened to implement airspeed、Explosion、Putting dangerous substances to disturb public order。

3. Criminal liability

"Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 105:、Defamation or other ways to incite and subvert the state power、overthrowing the socialist system,Pharis of five years in prison、Detention、Control or deprives political rights; the first priority or major crime,Pharma in prison for more than five years。

"Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 221: Squeeze and spread the false facts of hypocrisy,Broken business reputation for others、Commodity reputation,Causes major losses to others or has other serious circumstances,Pharis or detention for two years or less,Put or a single fine。

"Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 246: Openly insulting others with violence or other methods or slandering the facts,The serious plot,Prisoner in prison for less than three years、Detention、Control or deprived of political rights。

"Article 291 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 2:、Epidemic、Disaster condition、Police sentiment,spread on the information m88 live casino gamesm88 online bettingnetwork or other media,or knowing that the above false information,Drived on the information network or other media,Seriously disrupting social order,Prisoner in prison for less than three years、detention or control; cause serious consequences,Pharma in prison for three years and seven years。

Police Tips: The harm of online rumors is serious,The masses are deeply disgusted。The network security department of the public security organs will continue to further promote the special action of online rumors to combat rectification,Back a group of malicious fabrication、Organizer of spreading online rumors、Planner and the main embodiment,Back a number of hot events to make rumors and drainage in accordance with the law、illegal profit -making "Internet Water Army" gang,Rectify a number of Internet companies with outstanding Internet rumors in accordance with the law,Clean up and shut down a group of illegal illegal online accounts,Resolutely curb online rumors at high frequency frequency,Effectively create a clear network space,Maintenance of national political security and stability of the overall social situation。


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