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Due to work needs, now recruitment20 full -time forest guards。Recruiters will be sent to M88 Live Casino Games Responsible for the management and protection of the forest area。The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. Conditions for application

1、Comply with national laws and regulations,Have good ideological products and professional ethics,Love m88 online sports betting M88 Online Live CasinoappForestry Career,Have a strong career and sense of responsibility。

2、Men and women are not limited,Under 35 years old,physical and mental health,Have a collegeandThe above cultural level can adapt to wild patrol work.

2. Recruitment process

1. Registration time: from now until 20242month26Day, every morning8:30-12:00,14: 30-17: 30 pm。

2、Registration location: No. 164, Beiguan Middle Road, Liangzhou District, Wuwei City

             The Protection and Monitoring Division of the Guqin Lian Gu City Management and Protection Center



3、Materials required for registration: Personal 2 -inch color -free crown photos 2 photos recently、ID card、Account Book、1 copy of the original and photocopy of graduation certificate。Email registration, please upload your ID card、Account Book、Graduation Certificate Scan。

3, salary treatment

Candidates implement the job salary system,Payment of endowment insurance、Medical Insurance、unemployment insurance、Work Injury M88 Online Live CasinoM88 Online Live CasinoInsurance、Disease Insurance。

4. Other matters

1、The company has the right to interpret this announcement and related matters。

2、​​Consultation Tel: Zhang Zhen 13809358897



                                                  Gansu Gaojing Human Resources Co., Ltd.

                                January 23, 2024


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