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  Spring Breeze Sending warm spring grass green,It's the Qingming again a year。Qingming Festival is a memorial of our country、Burmese the traditional festival of the martyrs,It is also a high incidence of forest grassland fire。To effectively prevent the Qingming Festival, m88 live casino gamesm88 live casino gamesburn incense due to the grave、Burning paper sacrifice and other field fire caused by fire caused by fires and grassland fires,When the Ching Ming Festival is coming,We issued the following initiative to the general public:

  m88 live casino gamesForest Grassland Fire Prevention Knowing the Vital interests of each of us,It is also our common responsibility,We must fully understand the serious harmfulness of forest grassland fire,Strengthen self -constraint,Consciously establish awareness of prevention,Comply with forest fire prevention regulations,Promoting Forest Fire Knowledge、Common sense of risk aversion,Zhongzhi Chengcheng,Strictly prevent forest fires。

  2. Abandon bad customs and advocate civilized sacrifice.Consciously abandon burning paper money、Bad customs of incense candle,Establish a civilized festival sweeping。The reflection of the memories of the deceased is organically combined with the promotion of the good family teachings,Dedication of a bouquet of flowers、Plant a tree、Read a variety of green methods such as a family book to commemorate the deceased's memory of relatives。

  3. Strengthen self -constraints and reduce hidden fire hazards.Consciously abide by the relevant regulations of the high fire insurance period of the forest grassland,Obief of fire inspectors management,Do not carry fire, flammable and explosive items into the mountains,Resolutely eliminate bonfire in the forest fate of Linnen、Smoking、Barbecue、Wild Fire Actions such as Wild Port。Monitoring is good for minors and special crowds。When it is found that others use fire in mountains and other areas,Take the initiative to admonish and remind them。Supervision with each other、Method of reminding each other,Jointly promote the movement and customs,Promote the new wind of sacrifice,Guarding our green home。

  4. Practitioning the leading role and fulfilling fire responsibility.Proposal to the masses consciously abide by the "Regulations on the Management of Funeral and Funeral"、"Forest Fire Regulations"、"Prairie Fire Prevention Regulations" and other laws and regulations。Leading with examples、First 垂 范,Actively to relatives and friends、The masses around them promote civilized low -carbon sacrifice,Consciously boycott Chen's rules,Take the leading green festival sweep,Take the lead in promoting forest grassland fire prevention laws and regulations。Once the fire is found,Please call the Forest Grassland Fire Police Telephone 12119 the first time the police。

Wanlou Yin long time,Star Fire Lahara a moment。Forest grassland resources are common wealth of the whole society,Forest grassland M88 Online Live Casinofire m88 live casino gamesprevention is the common responsibility of the whole society。Guarding Green Water and Qingshan is a respect for the ancestors,It is also responsible for future generations。The law is not tolerant,Sacrifice Sweep、Memories trigger forest fire,It will also be investigated for legal responsibility。Let us work together to do the practitioner of civilized sacrifice、Propaganda of forest protection fire prevention、Guardian of Green Water and Green Mountain,Strictly prevent forest fire,Guarding green home!


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April 2, 2024


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