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The 15th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress voted on the 1st and approved the new National Security French Chairman Xi Jinping.

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Chapter 1 General Principles

Article 1 In order to maintain national security,The regime and socialist system for defending the people's democratic dictatorship,Protect the fundamental interests of the people,The smooth progress of ensuring reform and opening up and socialist modernization,Realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,According to the Constitution,Develop this law。

Article 2 National Security refers to the national regime、Sovereignty、Unification and territorial integrity、People's Welfare、Sustainable economic and social development and other major national interests are relatively in a state of no danger and not being threatened by internal and external threats,and the ability to ensure continuous safety status。

Article 3 The national security work shall adhere to the overall national security concept,Taking people's safety as the purpose,Taking political security as the fundamental,Based on economic security,Military、Culture、Social security is guaranteed,Relying on promoting international security,Maintain national security in various fields,Build a national security system,Take the national security road with Chinese characteristics。

Article 4 Adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China for national security work,Create a concentrated unity、Efficient and authoritative national security leadership system。

Article 5 The central national security leadership agency is responsible for the decision -making and coordination of discussions in national security work,Research Formulation、Guiding the implementation of national security strategies and related major policies,Coordinating and coordinating major national security matters and important work,Promote the construction of national security and rule of law。

Article 6 The state formulated and continuously improved the national security strategy,Comprehensive evaluation international、Domestic security situation,Clarifying the guidance policy of the national security strategy、Middle and long -term goals、National Security Policy in key areas、Work tasks and measures。

Seventh to maintain national security,It should abide by the Constitution and Law,Adhere to the principle of socialist rule of law,Respect and guarantee human rights,Protect the rights and freedom of citizens in accordance with the law。

Article 8 to maintain national security,It should be coordinated with economic and social development。

National security work should coordinate internal and external security、Land safety and national security、Traditional security and non -traditional safety、Itself safety and common safety。

1 to maintain national security,It should be maintained for prevention、Specimen and Treatment,Combination of specialized work with the mass line,Give full play to the functions of specialized organs and other relevant agencies to maintain national security,Widely mobilized citizens and organizations,Defense、Stop and punish behaviors that endanger national security。

Article 10 to maintain national security,Should insist on mutual trust、mutual benefit、Equality、Collaborative,Actively carry out security exchanges and cooperation with foreign governments and international organizations,Performing international security obligations,Promoting common security,Maintaining the world peace。

Article 11 Citizens of the People's Republic of China、All state organs and armed forces、Each party and people's groups、Corporate business organizations and other social organizations,All have the responsibility and obligation to maintain national security。

China's sovereignty and territorial integrity cannot invade and divide。Maintenance of national sovereignty、Unification and territorial integrity are common obligations of the Chinese people, including Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and Taiwan compatriots。

Article 12 State give commendation and rewards to individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in maintaining national security work。

Article 13 Staff staff of state organs in national security work and national security activities,Abuse of power、Attention、徇 Private fraud,Hamplate legal responsibility in accordance with the law。

Any individual and organization violates this law and relevant laws,Do not fulfill the obligation to maintain national security or engage in hazardous national security activities,Hamplate legal responsibility in accordance with the law。

Article 14 April 15th is National Security Education Day for National Security。

Chapter 2 tasks to maintain national security

Article 15 The State adheres to the leadership of the Communist Party of China,Maintain a socialist system with Chinese characteristics,Develop socialist democracy,Improve socialist rule of law,Strengthening power operation constraints and supervision mechanisms,Various rights that guarantee the people of the people as the master。

National Defense、Stop and punish any rebels in accordance M88 Online Live Casinom88 live casino gameswith the law、Divided country、Inciting the rebellion、Undverted or incite the behavior of subverting the people's democratic dictatorship; prevention、Stop stolen and punished in accordance with the law、Leaks of national secrets such as state secrets that endangers national security; precautions、Stop and punish the penetration of overseas forces in accordance with the law、Destruction、Subvert、split activity。

Article 16 The fundamental interests of the country's maintenance and development,Defending the safety of the people,Create good survival development conditions and stable work and living environment,Guarantee citizens' life and property safety and other legitimate rights and interests。

Article 17 State strengthening border defense、Sea Defense and Air Defense Construction,Take all necessary defense and control measures,Defending、Water、Leading Sea and Leading Safety,Maintain national territorial sovereignty and marine rights。

Article 18 The state strengthens the revolutionary of armed forces、Modernization、Regularized construction,Construction and defending national security and development interests that need to be adapted to armed forces; implementation of active defense military strategy policy,Prevention and resisting aggression,Stop armed subversion and division; carry out international military security cooperation,Implementing UN peacekeeping、International Rescue、Maritime escorting and safeguarding the national interests of the country,Maintenance of national sovereignty、Security、Territory complete、Development benefits and world peace。

Article 19 The state of maintaining the national basic economic system and the order of socialist market economy,System mechanism for improving prevention and resolving economic security risks,Important industries and key areas that guarantee relations with national economic life、Key industry、Major infrastructure and major construction projects and other major economic interests。

Article 20 The National Improved financial macro -prudential management and financial risk prevention、disposal mechanism,Strengthen financial infrastructure and basic capabilities,Prevention and resolve systemic、Regional financial risk,Prevention and resistance to external financial risks。

Article 21: The country's reasonable use and protection of resources,Effective control of strategic resources and energy development,Strengthen strategic resources and energy reserves,Improve the construction and safety protection measures for the strategic channel of resources and transportation,Strengthen international resources and energy cooperation,Comprehensive improvement of emergency protection capabilities,The resource and energy required to ensure economic and social development、Reliable and effective supply。

Article 22 The National Significant Food Security Guarantee System,Protection and improvement of comprehensive grain production capacity,Improve the food reserve system、circulation system and market regulation mechanism,Improve the food safety early warning system,Guarantee food supply and quality and safety。

Article 23 The country adheres to the direction of advanced socialist culture,Inherit and promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation,Cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism,The influence of preventing and resisting bad culture,Master the dominance of ideological field,Enhance the overall strength and competitiveness of cultural。

Article 24 The state of strengthening its independent innovation capabilities,Accelerate the development of independent and controllable strategic high -tech and core key technologies for important areas,Strengthen the use of intellectual property rights、Construction of protection and technology confidentiality,Safety of major technology and projects。

Article 25: National Construction of Network and Information Security System,Improve network and information security protection capabilities,Strengthening the innovation research and development of network and information technology,Realizing the core technology of the network and information、Key infrastructure and information systems and data security and controllable for key infrastructure and important areas; strengthen network management,Defense、Stop and punish network attacks in accordance with the law、Internet Invadation、Internet stealing、Dispostering illegal information such as illegal and harmful information illegal and criminal behaviors,Maintaining the sovereignty of the national network space、Security and development benefits。

Article 26 The state adheres to and improves the autonomy system of the ethnic region,Consolidation and development of socialist relations with equality, unity, mutual assistance。Adhere to the equality of all nations,Strengthen national communication、Communication、blend,Defense、Stop and punish ethnic splitting activities in accordance with the law,Maintaining the unity of the country、National unity and social harmony,Realize the work of unity of all nations、Common prosperity development。

Article 27 The state protects the freedom and normal religious activities of the country in accordance with the law,Adhere to the principle of religious independence and self -run,Defense、Stop and punish and punish illegal crimes that harm national security in the name of religion,Oppose overseas forces to interfere with domestic religious affairs,Maintain the order of normal religious activities。

The state banned cult organizations in accordance with the law,Defense、Stop and punish illegal criminal activities in accordance with the law。

Article 28 The state opposes all forms of terrorism and extremism,The ability to strengthen and dispose of terrorism,Intelligence in accordance with the m88 live casino gamesm88 online sports betting applaw、Investigation、Defense、disposal and fund supervision,Banning terrorist activities in accordance with the law and severe punishment of violent terrorist activities。

Article 29 The country's improvement and effective prevention and resolution of social contradictions,Improve the public safety system,Active prevention、Reduce and resolve social contradictions,Properly dispose of public health、Social security and other emergencies that affect national security and social stability,Promote social harmony,Maintain public safety and social stability。

Article 30 The state improves the ecological environmental protection system,Increase the intensity of ecological construction and environmental protection,Defining ecological protection red line,Early warning and prevention and control of strengthening ecological risks,Properly dispose of emergencies incidents,Guarantee the atmosphere of survival and development of the people、Water、Soil and other natural environments and conditions are not threatened and damaged,Promote the harmonious development of man and nature。

Article 31 The state adheres to peaceful use of nuclear energy and nuclear technology,Strengthen international cooperation,Prevent nuclear diffusion,Improve the anti -diffusion mechanism,Strengthen nuclear facilities、Nuclear materials、Safety management of nuclear activities and nuclear waste disposal、Supervision and protection,Strengthen the construction of nuclear accident emergency system and emergency capacity,Prevent、Control and eliminate the harm of nuclear accidents to the health and ecological environment of citizens,Continuous enhancement and effective response and anti -nuclear threats、The ability of nuclear attack。

Article 32 The state adheres to peaceful exploration and uses outer space、International Underwater Area and Polar,Enhance safety in and out、Scientific Investigation、Development and utilization ability,Strengthen international cooperation,Maintain our country in the outer space、Activities of the International Sea Area and Polar Vegetors、Safety of assets and other interests。

Article 33 The State takes necessary measures in accordance with the law,Protecting Chinese citizens overseas、The security and legitimate rights and interests of the organization and institution,Overseas interests that protect the country are not threatened and infringed。

Article 34 The need for the state according to the needs of economic and social development and national development interests,Constantly improving the task of maintaining national security。

Chapter III responsibility to maintain national security

Article 35 The National People's Congress in accordance with the Constitution,Determination of war and peace issues,Exercise other powers involving national security stipulated in the Constitution。

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in accordance with the constitutional provisions,Determined announcement of the state of war,Determine the national general mobilization or local mobilization,Determine nationwide or individual provinces、Autonomous Region、Municipalities in the municipality enter the emergency state,Exercise the constitutional regulations and other powers involving national security granted by the National People's Congress。

Article 36 The Chairman of the People's Republic of China in accordance with the decision of the National People's Congress and the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress,Announced entering the emergency state,Announce the state of war,Release a mobilization order,Exercise other powers involving national security stipulated in the Constitution。

Article 37 The State Council of the State Council in accordance with the Constitution and Law,Development of administrative regulations involving national security,Regulations on administrative measures,Publish relevant decisions and orders; implement national security laws, regulations and policies;、Autonomous Region、Some areas within the scope of the municipality of the municipality entered an emergency state; exercise other powers provided by the Constitution and the National People's Congress and its Standing Committee。

Article 38 The Central Military Commission leads the national armed forces,Battle policy of determining military strategy and armed forces,Uniformly command military action to maintain national security,Develop military regulations involving national security,Release the relevant decision and command。

Article 39 The departments of the central state organs shall be divided into labor according to their responsibilities,Implement the national security policy, policies, laws and regulations,Management guidance This system、National security work in the art。

Article 40 The Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the People's Congress at all levels at or above the county level at all levels of the local people's congress at or above the county level,Make sure the compliance and implementation of national security laws and regulations。

Local people's governments at all levels in accordance with laws and regulations manage the national security work in the administrative area。

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region、The Macau Special Administrative Region shall fulfill the responsibility for maintaining national security。

Article 41 The People's Court exercise the trial rights in accordance with the law,People's Procuratorate exercise prosecution rights in accordance with the law,Punishment of crime that harms national security。

Article 42: National Security Organ、Public security organs collect information information involving national security in accordance with the law,Exercise investigation in accordance with the law in national security work、Detention、Pre -examination and execution of arrest and other powers stipulated in the law。

Relevant military agencies exercise relevant powers in accordance with the law in national security work。

Article 43: When the M88 Online Live CasinoState organs and their staff are performing their duties,The principle of maintaining national security should be implemented。

M88 Online Live CasinoState organs and their staff in national security work and national security activities,It should be strictly fulfilled in accordance with the law,Do not surpass power、Abuse of power,Do not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and organizations。

Chapter 4 National Security System

Section 1 general regulations

Article 44 The central national security leadership institution implements a unified score、Coordinated and efficient national security system and working mechanism。

Article 45 The State Establishs a work coordination mechanism for national security key areas,Coordinated and coordinated the relevant functional departments of the central government to promote related work。

Article 46 The State Establishs a mechanism for promoting inspections and accountability for national security work,Ensure the implementation of national security strategies and major deployment。

Article 47、Effective measures should be taken,Implement the National Security Strategy。

Article 48 The state according to the need to maintain national security work,Establish a cross -departmental business working mechanism,Consultation and judgment on major matters to maintain national security work,Make suggestions and suggestions。

Article 49 The state establishes between the central and local governments、Between departments、The collaborative linkage mechanism of national security between the military and land and the region。

Article 50 State Establish a national security decision -making consultation mechanism,Organization experts and relevant parties to conduct analysis and judgment of the national security situation,Scientific decisions to promote national security。

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Article 51: State a sound and unified nation、Schurky response、Accurate and efficient、Smooth information information collection、Research and judgment and use system,Establishing an intelligence information work coordination mechanism,Getting collection of information information in time、Accurate judgment、Effective use and sharing。

Article 52: National Security Organ、Public security organs、Relevant military organs divide the division of labor according to their responsibilities,Collect information information involving national security in accordance with the law。

In the process of performing their duties,Relevant information involving national security shall be reported in time。

Article 53 to carry out intelligence information work,It should make full use of modern scientific and technological means,Strengthen the identification of information information、Filter、Comprehensive and research analysis。

The submission of information information in Article 54 shall be timely、Accurate、Objective,No delay、omissions、concealment and lie report。

Section 3 Risk prevention, evaluation and early warning

Article 55 The state formulates and improves the plans for national security risk in various fields。

Article 56 The state establishs a national security risk assessment mechanism,Regular national security risk surveys and evaluations of various fields。

Relevant departments shall regularly submit a national security risk assessment report to the central national security leadership institution。

Article 57 System of improving national security risk monitoring and early warning system,According to the degree of national security risk,Release the corresponding risk warning in time。

Article 58 For events that may be about to occur or have already endangered national security,The local people's governments at or above the county level and their relevant competent authorities shall immediately report to the people's government and its relevant competent authorities in the upper level in accordance with regulations,If necessary, you can report it to the level。

Section 4 Examination Supervision

Article 59 The state and mechanism of the state's establishment of national security review and supervision,Foreign investment that affects or may affect national security、Specific items and key technologies、Network information technology products and services、Construction project involving national security matters,and other major events and activities,State security review,Effectively prevent and resolve national security risks。

Article 60 The departments of the central state organs in accordance with the law、Administrative Regulations exercise the duties of national security review,Make a national security review decision in accordance with the law or put forward the opinions of safety review and supervise the implementation。

Article 61 province、Autonomous Region、The municipality directly under the Central Government is responsible for the relevant national security review and regulatory work in the administrative area。

Section 5 crisis control

Article 62 The State Establish a Unified Leader、Collaborative linkage、Order and efficient national security crisis control control。

Article 63 major events that endangers national security,The relevant departments of the central government and the unified deployment of the relevant local departments in accordance with the central national security leadership institution,Start the emergency plan in accordance with the law,Take control and disposal measures。

Article 64 Special major events that endangers national security,Need to enter the emergency state、The status of the war or the national total mobilization、Local mobilization,from the National People's Congress、The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress or the State Council decides in accordance with the authority and procedures stipulated in the constitution and relevant laws。

Article 65 State decided to enter the emergency state、The status of the war or after the implementation of national defense mobilization,Relevant agencies that fulfill the responsibilities of the national security crisis management and control shall be in accordance with the law or the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress,I have the right to take the right to restrict citizens and organization、Special measures to increase citizen m88 live casino gamesm88 online sports betting appand organizational obligations。

Article 66 m88 live casino gamesThe relevant agencies that perform the responsibilities of the national security crisis control and control should take the control measures to deal with the national security crisis in accordance with the law,The nature of the harm that may be caused with the national security crisis、degree and scope is compatible; there are multiple measures to choose from,It should be selected to protect citizens to the greatest extent、Measures for organizational rights。

Article 67 The National Security Crisis information report and release mechanism。

After the National Security Crisis incident,,Relevant agencies that fulfill the responsibilities of the national security crisis management and control,It should be accurate in accordance with regulations、Report in time,and the incident of relevant national security crisis in accordance with the law、Development、Management and disposal and post -quality situation unified to the society。

Article 68. After being controlled or eliminated by national security threats and hazards,The control measures should be lifted in time,Do a good job after good after -to -work。

Chapter 5 National Security Affairs

Article 69: National State National Security Guarantee System,Enhanced the ability to maintain national security。

70) The national security legal system for improving the national security legal system,Promote the construction of national security and rule of law。

71 State increased investment in the construction of national security,Make funding and equipment required for national security work。

Article 72 Units that undertake national security strategic materials reserve mission,Should be collected and stored in accordance with relevant national regulations and standards、Storage and maintenance,Regular adjustment and replacement,Ensure the effectiveness and safety of the use of reserve materials。

Article 73 Encourage scientific and technological innovation in the field of national security,Give play to the role of technology in maintaining national security。

Article 74 The state takes necessary measures,Recruitment、Training and managing special talents and special talents for national security work。

According to the needs of maintaining national security work,The state protects the status and legitimate rights and interests of relevant agencies in accordance with the law,Increase personal protection and resettlement protection。

Article 75: National Security Organ、Public security organs、Relevant military agencies carry out special national security work,You can adopt necessary means and method in accordance with the law,Relevant departments and localities shall provide support and cooperation within the scope of their responsibilities。

Article 76: National Weighing National Security News Propaganda and Public Opinion Guidance,Carry out national security publicity and education activities through various forms,Incorporate national security education into the national education system and civil service education and training system,Enhance the national security awareness of the whole people。

Chapter 6 Obligations and Rights of Citizens, Organization

Article 77 Citizens and organizations shall fulfill their obligations to maintain national security:

(1) Comply with the Constitution、Relevant regulations on national security on laws and regulations;

(2) Report the clues that endanger national security activities in a timely manner;

(3) Provide evidence that it is known to involve national security activities;

(4) Provide convenient conditions or other assistance to national security work;

(5) To the national security organs、Public security organs and relevant military organs provide necessary support and assistance;

(6) State secrets known to Conservative Institute;

(7) Other obligations stipulated in laws and administrative regulations.

Any individual or organization may have behaviors that endanger national security,Do not provide any funding or assistance to individuals or organizations that endanger national security。

Article 70、People's Group、Education of corporate business organizations and other social organizations shall conduct education on the maintenance of the personnel of the unit,Mobilization、Organize personnel prevention of the unit、Stop behavior that harms national security。

Article 79: Corporate business organizations according to the requirements of national security work,shall cooperate with relevant departments to take relevant security measures。

Article 80 citizen and organization support、Actions to assist national security work are protected by law。

Due to support、Assisting national security work,The personal safety of myself or its close relatives is facing danger,You can from the public security organs、The request of the national security organs should be protected。Public security organs、The national security organs shall take protection measures in accordance with relevant departments。

Article 81 Citizens and Organizations for support、Assisting national security work leads to property loss,Compensation is given in accordance with relevant national regulations;,Preferential treatment in accordance with relevant national regulations。

Article 82 Citizens and organizations have the right to make criticism and suggestions for national organs,A complaints on the illegal and negligence of national organs and their staff in national security work、The right to sue and report。

Article 83 In national security work,When you need to take special measures to restrict citizen rights and freedom,It should be carried out in accordance with the law,and the actual needs of maintaining national security。

Chapter 7 Affiliation

Article 84 This law shall be implemented from the date of announcement.


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