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Today in an information society,The Internet has become a minor learning、Important platform for life and entertainment。But,The complexity and uncertainty of the network environment also bring potential risks to the physical and mental health of minors。In order to create a network environment that is conducive to the m88 online bettinghealthy M88 Online Live Casinodevelopment of minors,Ensure the legitimate rights and interests of minors,According to the "Regulations on the Protection of Minors", "The Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Cyber ​​Security Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China",The following initiative is issued:

1. Network products and service providers

1. Strengthen content audit,Make sure the provided network products and service content health、Appropriate,No violence、Porn、Vulgar and other bad information;

2. Establish a minor protection area or mode,Provide targeted high -quality content and services,Meet the needs of the learning and development of minors; establish a convenient reporting mechanism,Timely processing bad information or violations involving minors;

3. Establish a sound minor protection mechanism,Formulate and implement strict network behavior specifications。Fully considers the physical m88 online sports betting m88 live casino gamesappand mental characteristics of minors in product design,Avoid design that is too complicated or induced;

4. Development has educational significance、Educational and Lele Network Application,Guide minors to surf the Internet。

5. For the personal information of minors,To take more stringent protection measures,Prevent information leakage and abuse。

2. Personal information processor

1. Gathering、Use、When the personal information of the adult person storage,The consent of the legal guardian should be obtained in advance,and ensure the legality and security of the information。

2. Do not leak、Abuse or illegally transfer the personal information of minors,Prevent information from being used for bad purpose。

3. Smart terminal product manufacturer and seller

1. In product design,It should fully consider the physical m88 online sports betting m88 live casino gamesappand mental characteristics and operation habits of minors,Avoid design that is too complicated or induced。

2. Provide parental control function,Let parents m88 online sports betting appmonitor and M88 Online Live Casinomanage the time and content of children's use of smart terminals。

3. Strengthen the test of product safety performance,Make sure the product is not invaded by malware or virus。

4. Education institutions and education industries

1. Incorporate network literacy education into the course system,Help students establish correct network values,Improve network security awareness。

2. Carry out various forms of network security education activities,Enhance students' self -protection ability。

3. Strengthen communication cooperation with parents,Co -guide minors to use the network correctly。

5. Parents

1. Strengthen the supervision of children's use of the network,Understand the child's network needs and confusion。

2. Set a reasonable Internet time,Avoid children's addiction to the Internet。

3. Learn network security knowledge with your children,Improve children's network security awareness。

6. Minor

1. Enhanced discern ability,Consciously m88 live casino gamesresist bad information and network bullying。

2. Reasonable arrangement of Internet access,Avoid addicted to the Internet to affect learning and life。

3. Respect the rights and interests of others, and do not publish or spread bad information.


We call on the majority of online products and service providers、Personal information processor、Smart terminal product manufacturer and seller,and educational institutions、Parents and minors actively respond to this initiative,Contributions to the network protection of minors。Let's work together,Create a safety for minors、Health、Clear network environment,Promote the healthy growth and comprehensive development of minors。


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