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April 28,Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Forest Cao Bureau、Deputy Director Gong Wenpeng and his party went to the National Nature Reserve of the Ancient City of Gansu Minqin Lianlian,On -site Supervision and Inspection Reserve "May 1st" during the forest grassland fire prevention work。



The inspection team has come to the grassroots protection station and central agency,Detailed understanding of the implementation of the liability of the forest system、"8311" work deployment、Wild Fire Source Control and Control、Hidden hazard investigation and rectification of ten aspects of work development situation,and viewed the on -site viewing of Fire Material M88 Online Live CasinoM88 Online Live CasinoReserve and Wild Video Monitoring Operation。



The supervision team pointed out,As the temperature continues to rise,Most areas enter the peak season of agricultural production,Fire in the wild shows rapid upward trend,plus "May Day" near,Frequent tourism activities,Large pressure of fire source control,Keep a high -pressure situation at all times,Overcoming paralysis thought,Sober understanding of the severe and complexity of the current forest grassland fire prevention situation,Further improve the awareness of fire tensions。M88 Online Live CasinoStrictly implement the "party and government responsibility、One post and dual responsibility ",Effectively strengthen political consciousness and action consciousness,Deepen the ideological understanding,Resolutely overcome the paralysis、Thoughts of lightly,Deeply absorb various typical accident lessons,Combined with the actual refinement of the implementation of the work measures for the "Eight Machinery Three List, One Pack, One Package of One Package",Resolutely carrying the political responsibility of the fire prevention of the forest grassland。The second is to implement the forest system and promote "forest Changzhi".Comprehensive implementation of the forest system is the main responsibility and leading role of the local party committee and government to protect the development of forest grass resources,It is also a key measure to compact the responsibility of ecological protection。It is necessary to take the full implementation of the forest system as the starting point,Combined with actual innovation forest long performance method,Further improve the pragmatic working mechanism,Promoting the work of forest system from "establishment" to "effective" upgrade,Accelerate the implementation of the responsibility of the "forest system",Promote the formation of a good pattern of "Lin Changzhi"。Third is to strengthen joint defense control and form a strong joint force.To strengthen the surrounding towns、Village Club、Enterprise Institutions、Communication and collaboration between the business units of the forest and grass,Sign the Forest Grassland Fire Fire Prevention Union Control Agreement,Implement information sharing、Realize the advantages complement,Provide early treatment guarantee for timely and accurately discover the fire,Create a fire -resistant situation of common management。Fourth is to strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers and rely on actual prevention and control responsibilities.Persist in putting the prevention work first,In -depth investigation and rectification of major hidden dangers of fire in the forest grassland fire,Gradually formed the "General Term of Management and Protection Center、Each protective station list、Solid accounts for major hidden dangers,Clear accounts、The time limit is clear、Responsibility to people "management system,Ensure that the Forest Grassland fire hidden dangers investigation and rectification work is solid and effective,Realizing major hidden dangers investigation and rectification in depth、Dynamic clearance work target。Fifth is to focus on publicity and education and enhance the awareness of fire prevention.We must adhere to the maintenance of prevention,Pay attention to publicity and education,Establish a long -term mechanism,Publicity of forest grassland fire prevention throughout the year,It is easy to understand for different groups、Education and Lele、Praise and educational activities that I like to see。Promoting the publicity of anti -fire extinguishing publicity、Enter the countryside、Enter the community、Enter school、Enter the family,According to the requirements of "seamless full coverage",Reached "Full Factory Cover,Responsibility for compacking without blind spots,Foresting Forest Forest Fireburring Purpose。Six is ​​to adhere to people -oriented to ensure the safety of life.Comprehensive implementation of the early processing responsibilities of the competent department of forestry grassland,Refined the emergency plan of the forest grassland fire、Renewal。Do a good job at the same time、Fire extinguishing equipment、Emergency preparation for fire vehicles,Fasting of the staff nearby when it is discovered,Go to the fire field as soon as possible。Strict implementation of "three firsts and four" and "double ten" rigidity requirements should be strictly implemented,Efficient disposal when ensuring the safety of rescue personnel,Earnate "early、Playing small、Hit "。Ensure that the fire prevention situation of the forest and grassland during the "May 1st" period is stable,Fully maintain the safety and social harmony and stability of forest and grass resources。

(Supply: Review of Monitoring Division: Information Management Section)


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