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In -depth study, propaganda, and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's challenge to prevent risks、Important discussions against emergencies,Tree m88 online bettingm88 live casino gamesSolo the people first、Life supremacy,Effectively improve the consciousness and ability of the masses to prevent disaster prevention and mitigation,May 6th to 10th,Triangle City Protection Station organized a week -long disaster prevention and reduction science popularization promotional activity。

  m88 live casino gamesTriangle City Protection Station held a special meeting of disaster prevention and mitigation,Establishing a disaster prevention and mitigation activity working group with the main person in charge of the protection station,Make sure the publicity activities are carried out in an orderly manner。

  Simulation drills to improve awareness.Simulation fire scene,Carry out safe evacuation drills in a targeted manner。During the exercise,Actively cooperate with all cadres and workers,Obief command,Safe and orderly,According to the scheduled evacuation route,Quick and orderly evacuation to a safe zone,A series of exercise exercises have strongly tested the team,running in the mechanism,Promoting the improvement of disaster emergency response。

  centralized investigation to remove hidden dangers.Focus on Forest Grassland Fire、Harmful biological prevention、Forest area transmission and distribution facilities and electrical equipment in the station、Firefighting facilities carry out self -examination of hidden dangers of disaster risks,Timely exclude hidden dangers,Make sure the hidden risks are solved when germination。

  Publicity and guidance to create an atmosphere.Set the "face -to -face" explanation of the consultation point、Hanging banner、Enter the market、Entry farmer distributes disaster prevention and mitigation publicity information,Shop to the street、The "Emergency Safety Knowledge Handbook" and "Common Disaster Emergency Aversion and Self -Rescue Common sense" for the masses of the masses,Popularized forest fire prevention、Earthquake -proof disaster reduction、Traffic travel、Electricity、Fire、Safety knowledge such as gas、How to use fire extinguishing equipment and fire escape skills、Willow fire prevention and emergency evacuation skills,Vigorously create a good atmosphere for the whole society to participate in disaster prevention and mitigation。

A total of more than 200 copies of promotional materials were distributed this event,More than 100 handbags。m88 online bettingm88 live casino gamesfurther improved the masses' risk prevention awareness and disaster self -rescue skills,Form the radiation surface wide、Disaster prevention and reduction and fire safety propaganda situation with strong results,Created "everyone talks about safety、A strong atmosphere of emergency ",It laid a solid foundation for creating a good fire safety environment in the founding protection area。

(Supply: Triangle City Protection Station Review: Information Management Section)

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