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To enhance the effectiveness of the forest protection management,Consolidate the results of the construction of ecological public welfare forest。Recent,Qinfeng Protection Station organizes cadres and employees and forest guards to carry out the maintenance and investigation of infrastructure protection in the region。

m88 online sports betting appThe following inspection work is the starting point of the thunder beach pipe protection point,Two groups arranged personnel to piles in the area in the area、Bad、Propaganda cards and other facilities for pulling the net investigation,Renewal and reinforcement of loose pipelines,Maintenance and repair of damaged publicity cards。After a week of inspection and maintenance,Repairing and fixing fence is about 20 kilometers,Maintenance and maintenance boundary m88 live casino gamespiles more than 50 roots、12 pieces of boundary monument、5 pieces of publicity cards。

Next,Qinfeng Protection Station will further implement the work mechanism of the fine forest system and the "two districts, one network" work mechanism,Persist in the concept of "grabbing early and grasping the small signs",Continue to increase daily patrol strength,Actively organize inspections and maintenance,tight and safe strings,Early discovery of hidden dangers、m88 live casino gamesEarly processing,Build an ecological safety defense line in the jurisdiction。

(Draft: Qinfeng Protection Station Review: Information Management Section)


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