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May 22 is International Biological Diversity Day。To actively mobilize all sectors of society to protect biodiversity,Gansu Minqinlian Ancient City National Nature Reserve m88 live casino gameswill m88 live casino gamesbe during the Publicity Week of Biological Diversity Protection and Publicity Week from May 18th to 25th,Through a variety of channels and various forms,Planning and carrying out the special theme publicity activities,Strengthen relevant laws and regulations of biological diversity protection、Typical case、Typical case、Propaganda and popularization of major project results,Actively guide party committees and governments at all levels、Enterprise and Institutions、Social organizations and the public consciously actively participate in the protection of biological diversity。morning 22,M88 Live Casino Games、Wuwei City Ecological and Environment Bureau Minqin Branch、Minqin County Agricultural and Rural Bureau、Minqin County Forestry and Grassland Bureau use "Biological Diversity You and I participate m88 online sports betting appin the theme,Jointly held 2024 biological diversity protection propaganda activities in Qingfengyuan Plaza, Minqin County。


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Activity site,Set up ecological civilization construction and biological diversity protection results、Prevent the results of invasion of foreign species、Three exhibition areas of the protection of wild animals and plant resources,Putting "Protecting Biological Diversity requires your actions", "Struggle with Breathing to Win the Blue Sky Defense War"、"National Key Protection of Animals" in the protected area、Build a consulting station、Hanging publicity banner、Release of announcement、Environmental protection handbags、disposable paper cup and other methods,Publicity display in ecological environment protection、The effectiveness of the m88 live casino gamesgovernance m88 live casino gamesand restoration of the desert ecosystem,Intuize the knowledge of biodiversity to the masses,Guide the masses to consciously practice green and low -carbon production and lifestyle,Guard the people's diligence oasis with actual actions,Care and consolidate the hard -won greening results,Effectively build the national ecological security barrier。


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Next,The management and protection center will conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's important instructions on the protection of biodiversity,Give full play to the supporting role of the natural reserve function in protecting biodiversity,Always adhere to high levels of protection、High -quality ecological environment supports high -quality development,Continue to carry out publicity activities for natural m88 live casino m88 live casino gamesgamesresources and natural environmental protection,Broadly propagate the concept of biological diversity protection,Create a strong activity atmosphere,Actively mobilize the public and community people to join the ranks of protecting biodiversity。

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