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Since the development of party discipline learning and education,M88 Live Casino Games at all levels of party organizations at all levels to carefully study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on party discipline and education,Continue to learn from "Ji Ji、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji "up and down,Plan for advancement,Careful organizational arrangement,Deepen study and education,Multi -point force promotes the continuous "heating up" for party discipline learning and education,Provides strong discipline protection for promoting the high -quality development of the protected area。

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 The first is to find "fine" in deployment,Quickly m88 live casino gamesm88 live casino gamesstartup。Unified deployment of the Provincial Bureau's Party Group,The Party Committee of the Central Party Committee organized the launching meeting of party discipline education and education,conveyed and learned the central government、Provincial Party Committee carried out the spirit of party discipline education and the deployment requirements of the Provincial Bureau's party group,Draw 5 party members to set up a work class,Formulated a plan for party discipline learning and education,Refined and practical deployment arrangement、Study Research、Warning education、Interpretation training、5 key tasks in the control inspection,Perfect and orderly promoting party discipline learning and education implementation。6 party branches belonging to the central party committee takes "three meetings and one lesson" and the form of theme party day,Complete the deployment arrangement of party discipline education and education on the branch on time,Promoting party discipline learning and education quickly starts to land。


 The second is to seek "deep" in party discipline learning,Promote learning deep understanding。Persist in the beginning of "Learning",Kungly work on learning and understanding,The Party Committee of the Center held a 3 -day reading m88 live casino gamesclass,Members of the leadership m88 live casino gamesteam of the Organization Center and all party members and cadres to carry out centralized learning 6 times,Through the concentrated leading、Interpretation of graphic、Learning Questions and Answers and other methods,Original book、Study the full text of the Regulations in the "Regulations" one by one,and learn from other related party discipline and party rules,Organizational participation in the party discipline education preaching and guidance conference organized by the Provincial Bureau,Exchange discussions of party members and cadres 6 times,Party organizations at all levels in the protected area have carried out a total of 9 games in warning education,Contact the Minqin County People's Court to participate in the hearing trial,Let party members and cadres "zero distance" receive warning education。Combined with the "Micro Party Teacher Lecture Activity",Adopt a demonstration lecture on leading cadres、Branch Secretary Counseling Lecture、Methods that party members and cadres talk about,Planning to carry out party class activities participated by all members,Deep the party's discipline and rules、Speaking,Let party members and cadres deepen understanding and understanding in the collision。

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Third is to seek "real" in the combination of learning and use,Promote m88 live casino gameslearning。Persist in grasping m88 online bettingtwo hands and two promotion,The Party Discipline Learning Education and the Implementation of the Party Central Committee's major decision -making deployment and the provincial party committee、All decisions and deployment of the Provincial Bureau's Party Group are combined,Combining the annual "1124" target task of the reserve,Normalization of "Three Grabs and Three Promotion" Actions,Give full play to the "command stick" of the forest system,Actively plan to promote the construction of the "Three Norths" project,Coordinating "protecting green", "increase green", "use green" work,Advance the actual results of party discipline learning and education to promote the high -quality development process of the protected area。Continuous improvement work style,Holding the "Dedication and Dedication, Bo acting with me" moral lecture,Update the integrity archives of party members and cadres,Revised and improved 67 items of various management systems,Solid the formalism of rectification of rectification as a grass -roots burden reduction work,By streamlined document meeting、Strengthening investigation effectiveness、Actual measures such as rectification excessive marks,Reduced burden and loosening for the front line of the reserved area。

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Fourth is to seek "live"m88 live casino games,Create a strong atmosphere。m88 live casino gamesMake full use of multiple publicity channels and platforms,The significance of widely publicizing party discipline learning and education、The main essence of the new revision of the Regulations and the results achieved by the party discipline and education of the protected area,Organization has carried out the publicity activities of "Promoting the spirit of the rule of law and enhancing the awareness of the rule of law",Combined with the Forest and Cao Festival to organize obligations to plant trees、Bird Love Week、Intellectual property、Prevention and control of biological disasters、International biological diversity protection and other publicity activities 9 games,8 articles and publicity reports of party discipline education and education in various media,Created a strong promotional atmosphere。

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