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May 27,M88 Live Casino Games Hold a special meeting to carry out party discipline learning,Special articles and relevant regulations of learning party discipline and style construction,Re -mobilize and re -mobilization of in -depth promotion of inspection and rectification and party discipline education。Secretary of the Party Committee、Director Bai Zhenqing emphasized the need to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions for party discipline learning and education,Always maintain a sober understanding of "the party discipline is the party's lifeline" and "comprehensively and strictly govern the party on the road",Yisian Ji Ming Ji、As always follow the rules、One grasping to the end is right,Take the implementation of deepening inspections and rectification tasks as the starting point,Continue to promote the party discipline study and education of the protected area to go deeply,Satisfied with the party and the people with practical achievements。  


The conference focused on studying "Xi Jinping's New Age of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era".,I have studied "Communist Party Member Network" party discipline learning and education · Daily one lesson -regulations for interfere with inspection and inspection,Learn and learn from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission to publicly notify 6 party members and leading cadres in Qinghai Province to seriously violate the spiritual problems of the eight central regulations,m88 online sports betting appThe spirit of the notice of the provincial forest and grass bureau on the special rectification work of illegal food, drinking, and illegal tourism,Watch the interview with the "Learning Time" column of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission's "Study Time".,notified the 2018 Provincial Bureau's Party Group's inspection and rectification feedback issues and rectification implementation。

Meeting to point out,Strengthen the party's discipline construction,It is a powerful guarantee for maintaining the party's advancedness and purity,It is an effective measure to enhance the party's creative cohesion combat effectiveness。All party members and cadres and employees in the protected area must always adhere to party discipline learning and education as a compulsory course for never graduation,"Learning"、Entering the mind "Zhiji"、Not impartial "Mingji"、Be careful and end "Ji Ji",serious、Discipline of Justice,A new era of good cadres who truly be loyal and clean。

Meeting requirements,Party organizations and all party members and cadres in the protected area should take party discipline learning and education as an important political task in the present and in the future.,Improve political standing,Unified thoughts,Keep a high pressure situation,Enhance thoughts and consciousness,Use iron discipline to condense the will of iron、The style of iron refining the iron、Forging iron team,Forming a strong motivation to promote the high -quality development of the protected area。m88 live casino gamesAdhere to political leadership,Keep loyalty to the party at all times。Start from the party committee team,Take the lead in rising from the party's political life,Take the lead in politics、Talking about it、Discipline、Talking about it,Continue to carry out ideal and belief education、Patriotic Education、Loyalty Education and Party History of the Party、History of New China、Education of the history of reform and opening up and the history of socialist development,On the party to the party、Worry about the party in the party、In the Party Love Party、Protect the Party in the party,constantly enhance the "four consciousness",firm "Four Confidence",Get "two maintenance",With strong political responsibilities, it carries the lofty mission of the party given to the forest and grass cause in the new era。Requirements for implementing the "management industry must manage party style and clean government" requirements,Consciously putting party discipline and education with centralized rectification of the unrequited wind and corruption of the masses、The formalism of rectification is the work of the grassroots burden reduction,Ensure that the political order is unblocked、Ordering for ban。Party members and cadres must keep in mind that their first identity is the Communist Party member,The first responsibility is to work for the party,Actively fulfilling the obligations of party members,Firmly establish a consciousness,Keep the position attitude at all times,Actively learn from advanced、Bebe.,Adhere to the party's organizational principles,Calm calm when you are in trouble,Believe in the organization,Strict discipline,No discussion or dissemination,Do an example of strictly observing political discipline and responsibility。Two:Adhere to the moral high line,Establish a good color。Consciously cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism,Organization to carry out the basic moral norms of citizens、Social morality、Professional ethics、Family virtue、Civilized etiquette, etc. Civilized activities with the main content,Positive energy of spreading society,Conservation of moral sentiment,Purify the Mind World,Low -key people、High -profile work,Consciously establish a good image of abide by the rules。Three:Persist in problem orientation,Deepen rectification and implementation。Party organizations at all levels in the protected area must effectively carry up the responsibility of governing the party by the party,Team members and departments (protection stations) in charge must consciously fulfill the "one position and two responsibilities",The toughness and persistence of always on the road are unswervingly promoted to comprehensively and strictly govern the party,Promoting the spirit of rectification,"Looking back",Pay attention to the weak link,Full check the leakage and supplement,Continuously strengthening standardization construction,Strictly eliminate similar problems and occur again。Establish and practice the correct concept of political performance,In particular, it is necessary to solve the second phase of the protected area for scientific examination、Breakthrough album、Emgrand Hotel owed to rent、Story and idle State -owned Assets and other historical extensions on historical remains of state -owned assets,Promote various rectification tasks to achieve real results。Four:Persevere and strictly,Deepen Party Discipline Learning Education。Always holding the party's discipline and rules in front,Establishing Ji Jian before the law,The concept of discipline in law,Effectively tighten the cage of party discipline and party rules and party rules and party rules。Implement the various decision -making deployments of the party group of the provincial bureau on party discipline and education,Integrate party discipline learning and education into daily life、Grab in frequent,Focus on solving some party members、Cadres are not attentive to party rules and party discipline、Don’t understand、Don’t master questions,Implementation of the original party discipline、Disciplinary Party Lesson、Warning education、Interpretation training、Control check and other work,Cadres above the deputy subjects of the organization organ conducted the second round of party discipline education seminars,Guide party members and cadres and employees to understand what the party's discipline is,What can I do to understand、What can't I do,The ideological moral defense line of building rejection and anti -changes,Clear itself、Itself is positive、Self -net、Itself hard。Five:Persist in doing hard work,Promoting task implementation。Mid -year is the key period to promote various tasks,Time、Mission weight,The reserved area must firmly establish a sense of responsibility and dedication awareness,Concern and responsibility,Eliminates the stress to face difficulties,sincere unity and pioneering innovation,Do your job with your heart,Show new responsibilities in their respective positions、Demonstrate the new as a。Carefully combed the completion of the work of the current stage,Pay attention to half a year and the whole year task target,Keep hard work,Grasp the work,Help to promote the implementation of the "1124" target task of the protected area。Edited "M88 Live Casino Games Management System Compilation",Strengthen the learning execution of the system,Resolutely put an end to the "shooting head" decision and random decision,Forming a good habit of doing things in a chapter。Six:Persist in learning to use it for,Excessive skills。Implement the "First Issue" system and the "Five Studies" linkage mechanism,Performing a concentrated study system on Monday,Constantly strengthen ideological and political construction,Effectively use Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast the soul,The theoretical ability of soberness and maturity improves the ability to distinguish between right and wrong。Implement the annual training plan,Methodist to promote various training tasks,Scholarship for learning,Zhixin Xinghe 1,Study of good thinking、Practice internal skills,Guide cadres and employees to sneak into business、Learning Policy、Learning Technology,Eliminate "British Passion" and "Knowledge Short Shop",Effectively transform the process of learning thinking into a clarity、Clear direction、The process of promoting work,constantly practicing "opening can speak、Write in hand、Excessive ability to do if you can do things ",Do "Promoting Development、Disposable "expert at home。

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