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m88 live casino gamesMay 28,Lin Changbai Zhenqing, General of the Guqin Lian Gu City Management and Protection Center, went to Qinfeng Protection Station,Supervisory and guidance of the responsibility of Lin Chang system、Public Welfare Forest Management、Project construction and various key tasks to implement the promotion situation。

The inspection team is a line,First conducted on -site investigations on the implementation of the responsibility of the forest system and the public welfare forest management of the Qinfeng Protection Station.,and conducted field inspections on the housing construction project of public welfare forest management,Detailed m88 live casino gamesunderstanding of the transformation of the water and the heating facilities、The construction of projects such as waterproof and painting of the wall,Met the rectification requirements and suggestions on the problems found。Later, a group of people went to the Qinfeng Protection Station Linmu Liang Seedling Cultivation Project Base to view Sha Dongqing、flower stick、Planting and growth of shuttle。Bai Zhenqing fully affirmed the nursery of the Linmu Liangye seedlings at the Qinfeng Protection Station,and emphasize,We must continuously strengthen the management of various forests and breeds,Strengthen the prevention of pests and insect pests in the m88 live casino gamesearly stage and weed in the middle and late stages、Water and fertilizer management,Explore the advanced management mode,Strict control of quality control,Ensure that the cultivation of forest and woody breeding meets the acceptance requirements of the higher department。

Next,Qinfeng Protection Station will take this project inspection as an important opportunity for comprehensive improvement and improvement of forest and wood breeding.,Go all the way to complete the cultivation of the forest and wood species,Make full use of project construction results,Make a contribution to the high -quality development of the seedling industry M88 Online Live Casinoin the protected area。

(Supply: Draft: Qinfeng Protection Station Review: Information Management Section)


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