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In the afternoon of June 4,M88 Live Casino Games organized all cadres and workers to participate in the "National Forest Science and Technology Lecture Hall" 42nd online live training- "Science and Technology helps Sanbei Project to build a new era green ecological barrier" technology training,More than 50 employees participated。

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By participating in training,Cadres and employees have m88 live casino gamesexpressed,Rich in the courseware、Strong practicality,It has strong pertinence,It has important guiding significance for the construction of the Sanbei project and building a new era of green ecological barrier。Next,Management and protection Center will combine the actual work of the protected area,In the construction of key ecological projects such as "Three Norths" in comprehensive prevention and control of desertification,Actively promote advanced forest grass technology,The actual use of forest m88 online sports betting appgrass production with the use of scientific and technological achievements and advanced technology,Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,Realize the development of "industry -university -research" integration and development,Let the results of scientific and technological innovation truly become a new kinetic energy in promoting high -quality development in the protected area。

(Supply: Review of Scientific Research Management Division: Information Management Section)


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