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morning June 7,M88 LIVE CASINO Games to host party discipline education and education party courses,Secretary of the Party Committee of Management and Protection Center、Director Bai Zhenqing wrote entitled "Reading the original Literature Party Discipline Shoujian bottom line casting forest soul Special Counseling of the High -quality Development Examination Road in the New Era with the Wind of Clean ",All party members and cadres in the protected area listen to the party class,Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Director Gao Wanlin presided over the meeting。


Party lesson focuses on revising the background and significance m88 online sports betting appof the Regulations、The main content of the revised、Combined with the actual implementation of forest and grass work, "Regulations"、Explanation of the four aspects of the "three categories" problems that are promoted to promote work,Comparison of the old and new terms,Combined with typical cases such as "Performance Project" and "Image Engineering",Comprehensive system、Disciplinary interpretation of various precept clauses of the party discipline and party rules,and the subject、Applicable object、Applicable basis、Applicable behavior and other aspects to interpret party discipline in detail、Government Affairs、Basic knowledge and differences of administrative sanctions and organizational processing,Guide party members and cadres to soberly understand the serious harm and pain lessons brought by the party discipline and party rules,Really understand what the party's discipline is,What can I do to understand、What can't I do,Disciplinary red line,Persist in moral high line,Defending the bottom line of the rules。


Meeting point out,Discipline is the party's life,You need to use a clear flag、Stance of Justice、Delicate attitude to maintain。Party organizations at all levels of the protected area and the majority of party M88 Online Live Casinomembers and cadres must deeply understand the significance of revising the "Regulations",Comprehensive and accurate understanding of the rich connotation of the Regulations,Strings of self -discipline of tight self -denial,Win the wind of the integrity with the strictness of the discipline、Draw a circle of life,Contributing to its own strength in the process of promoting the high -quality development of the protected area。First play the example,Remember the party discipline in the party and discipline party nature。Chang Xiu "Dimension",Think about "greedy harm"、Frequent "thief in the heart",Further clarify the measurement ruler of daily words and deeds,Using party rules and party discipline correction thoughts and actions,The process of truly learning party discipline has become a consciousness of enhanced discipline、The process of improving the cultivation of party spirit。Second, keep awe,Remember the party disciplinary center for fear。Plant the word "awe" to the heart,rooted in the soul,Make a consciousness of "like a thin ice" and "like the abyss" at all times,Fear from respect,Self -discipline due to fear,Prevent the growth of the "golden period" into a "dangerous period"。Three to keep the bottom line,Remember to rectify m88 live casino gamesthe wind and remove the disadvantages of the party and discipline。Integrate party discipline learning and education into daily life、Grab in frequent、Permination of normal,Correct the bad style,Remove the disadvantages of existence,I can hold the interference、It can withstand temptation、Top pressure,Use ecological advantages to seek benefits for the people、Live happiness、Chue Biye。Four strict self -discipline,Remember the party discipline to promote family style。Party members and cadres must not only be cleaned up,It is necessary to control the "people around you",Consciously resisting all kinds of temptation,Cherish personal future and family happiness,Delivery to the good relationship、Life Pass、Family Pass,Consciously purify the social circle、Life Circle、Friends。

Conference emphasized,The purpose of party discipline learning and education is ultimately reflected in changing style、Promoting work。All party members and cadres in the protected area must forget the original heart,Keep in mind the mission,Reinforcement responsibility,Strict atmosphere of strict measures for strict tone for a long time,Conscious learning、Accurate Knowing Ji、Strict discipline、Strict discipline,Maintain "Ceremony Sober" at all times,Focus on M88 Online Live Casinosolving will not be、Dare not to be、Can't be、I don't want to be、Don't think for、Inaction、Slow as a prominent problem,Perform the "1124" annual target task,Do "protect green、Green、Green、Living Green "four articles,Take the high -quality development of the new era in the new era of high -quality development in the new era,Create ecological protection first -class performance with hard -working hands,In the new era, hand over a good ecological answer to the party and the people!

The theme of the disciplinary party course is clear、Key prominent、Rich connotation,Party members and cadres in the protected area said,It will continue to strengthen the study of party discipline and party rules such as the Regulations,At any time、Under any circumstances, be afraid、There is a pretense、Stopping,Building a prison refusal corruption and anti -changing thought defense line,Efforts to better show new responsibilities in the new journey in the new era。

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