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On the morning of June 5th,At the time of the 53rd World Environment Day,Nanhu Protection Station focuses on the theme of "Comprehensive Promoting Beauty China Construction",Organize cadres and employees to carry out theme publicity activities in the territory。

Activity site,Consultation desk、Hanging banner、Post m88 live casino games-stickers,Broadly publicize the spirit of the National Ecological Environmental Protection Conference、Xi Jinping Ecological Civilization Thought,Organizing the service squadron to the past people to popularize the beautiful China construction goals and tasks、Environmental protection common sense,Tell the results of ecological and environmental protection,Vigorous advocating the environment is people's livelihood,Blue Sky is happiness,Call for the masses to actively m88 online bettingtake the initiative to act as an ecological environment guard,Start from changing your own lifestyle,Establish a "green low -carbon" life concept,Followers for environmental protection、Participants of pollution prevention、Promotion of Ecological Civilization、Practitioner of Low -Carbon Life、Guardian of Green Water and Green Mountain,Focus on creating advocating ecological civilization、The strong atmosphere of protecting the ecological environment。

(Supply: Nanhu m88 online bettingProtection Station Review: Information Management Section)


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