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Recent,Nanhu Protection Station organizes more than 20 cadres and workers and forest guards,Repair and reinforcement of fences and protection facilities in the jurisdiction,Make sure that safety is intact,Continue to play the role of banning protection。

Reserve fence is affected by natural factors and human activities due to m88 online sports betting applong -term,Some fences have different degrees of damage and aging,For this,All staff on the protection station are not afraid of sunbathing、Not afraid of tired,Bring steel pliers、Hammer、Tieyu and other tools,Check it along the fence,Where the fence is damaged,Repair on the spot、Reinforcement,and the boundary pile in the protected area、Jordi Bei、Functional zone monument, etc.、Re -painting,To ensure their integrity、clarity and readability。M88 Online Live CasinoAfter a few consecutive days of fighting,Comprehensively repairing the damaged fence around the protected area,Make sure it keeps in a good state,Effectively eliminate livestock entry,Avoid damage to vegetation。

In the future work,The protection station will always focus on the key work of the construction and development of the protected area in 2024,Anchor "1124" work ideas,Constantly plant the green background of the desert ecosystem,Struggle to promote the high -quality m88 live casino gamesdevelopment and high -level protection of the protected area。

(Supply: Nanhu Protection Station Review: Information Management Section)  


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