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m88 online sports betting appJune this year is the 23rd "Safety Production Month" in the country,According to the deployment requirements of the provincial forest and grass bureau and the management and protection center,Liangu City Protection Station uses safety production work as the top priority,Organization to carry out centralized training activities for production safety,Correcting responsibility,Refined implementation one by one。

June 5,Liangu City Protection Station Carry out "Safety Production Month" special training guidance,Analysis and judgment of the current work situation,Arrange the deployment of current safety production work,Organize the employees m88 live casino gamesof the protection station and the forest guard to watch the theme promotional video of the "Safety Production Month"、"Safety Production Responsibility in Shoulder" warning education film,A collapse disaster occurred in Chaoyang Road in Meizhou City, Meizhou City, Guangdong,Causes major casualties as a warning,Quoting as a ring,Deeply learn lessons,The grim complex situation of sober understanding of safety production,Enhanced risk awareness、Feelings of worry。

Meeting requirements,All employees and forest guards in the protection station must adhere to "take the lead and talk about safety",Vigorously publicize the common sense m88 live casino gamesof safety production,Resolutely eliminate paralysis thoughts、Implement to people,Always tight safe production strings。According to the overall deployment of "8311" and the "Responsibility Letter Letter of Safety Production" signed at the beginning of the year,Research and judgment,Refine responsibility,To implement the responsibility、Implement to people。Strengthen vehicle management,Understand the driver's daily maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle,Deep、Repeat road traffic safety law,Resolutely eliminate overload、Speed、Drink、Dangerous driving behavior of fatigue,Make sure driving safety。Water m88 live casino gamesof the protection station m88 online sports betting appand three management points、Electricity and other infrastructure for system inspection and repair,List list、Create a ledger、Refined measures、Sales number rectification,Make sure the risk hidden dangers are eliminated in the budding state。

(Supply: Lian Gu City Protection Station Review: Information Management Section)


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